Information and Reporting Services

Data Reports

Public Data Site

Assessment, educator, higher education, enrollment, and graduation rate data, as well as New York State Report Cards.


Counts of students enrolled in public/nonpublic schools, aggregated by race and ethnicity, grade, gender, etc.

Graduation Rate and Postgraduate Plans

Reports on graduation rates of 9th grade cohorts and the plans of graduates to attend college, enter the workplace, etc. at the completion of the school year.

L2RPT (Level 2 Reporting Environment)

Verification reports for data submitted via SIRS, individual student reports, and other informational reports for ensuring data reporting accuracy.

Report Cards

Enrollment, teacher, attendance, suspension, fiscal, accountability, assessment, and graduation data.

School Counts by Grade (Education Statistics)

Counts of New York State public, charter, and nonpublic schools by grade.

School Safety and the Educational Climate (DASA and VADIR)

Reports on incidents of discrimination and harassment as well as violent and disruptive incidents in districts and schools.

Special Education

Systems for collecting data on and reports on assessment results and federal allocations for students with disabilities.

Teacher & Professional Staff

Statistical reports on public school personnel derived from the Personnel Master File (PMF) and Institutional Master File (IMF).

Historic Reports

ARRA (American Reinvestment and Recovery Act) Reports

Assessment and graduation rate results in accordance with ARRA requirements.

BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services) Report Cards

Fiscal, staff, and student enrollment, assessment, and career data for BOCES programs.

Chapter 655 Report

Report to the Governor and Legislature on the Educational Status of NYS Schools. Trends in student enrollment, performance, graduation, postgrad plans; teacher qualifications; and school expenditures.


Last Updated: May 7, 2021