Information and Reporting Services

NYSED IRS Calendar (deprecated 11/3/2021)

The former IRS Calendar page has been deprecated in favor of distirbuting timelines and updates directly to Level 1 Regional Information Center (RIC) and Big 5 City School District (CSD) Project Managers (PMs). This occurs via weekly WebExes between the NYSED Information & Reporting Services (IRS) office and the RIC/Big 5 PMs and their delegates. All notices formerly made available on the IRS Calendar are now being made available through the weekly meeting minutes to all Level 1 PMs and distributed through the IRS office's NYSDATA distribution list.

RIC/Big 5 PMs are responsible for passing along relevant timelines and other important data to their respective CIO distribution lists &/o District/School Data Coordinator lists.


For questions, please contact your Level 1 RIC or Big 5 CSD Project Manager.

To contact us regarding interpretation of NYSED business rules or data definitions or guidelines, consult our SIRS Manual or contact your Level 1 Big 5 City School District or Regional Information Center (RIC) data warehouse systems support contact.

To send us feedback or suggestions about this page, we recommend you first ask your RIC/Big5 support contact to work with you to determine if they should submit a ticket on your behalf. You may also use the blue HELP button at the bottom of this page to submit a ticket to our Datasupport customer request system.

Last Updated: November 3, 2021