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The New York State Comprehensive Course Catalog

School Codes for the Exchange of Data (SCED)

The State Course Catalog was developed by NYSED based upon NCES course catalogs and in conjunction with a Field Workgroup comprised of representatives from over 45 professional organizations from around the state.

To ensure comparability among schools and districts, a statewide comprehensive course catalog is required for the reporting of course information. Although schools do not need to adopt these statewide codes for local use, it will be necessary to map local codes to State codes when reporting data to the SIRS. Local course codes will need to be matched to the statewide standardized course codes.

To view the New York State Comprehensive Course Catalog please use the links below.

State Course Codes for Courses Leading to a State Exam
The following documents include the course codes required to be used for mapping courses ending with state exams (including Common Core Regents exams starting in 2013-14):

SCED Course Codes / NYS Comprehensive Course Catalog

NYS Comprehensive Course Catalog Workbook
This workbook includes all codes with their descriptions that exist for both secondary and prior-to-secondary courses.

The removal and addition of codes can be found in the spreadsheet.

SCED Course to Certification Crosswalk Workbook

Last Updated: November 20, 2023