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The Information and Reporting Services Portal (IRSP) is an online application that hosts IRS-designed data files and other documents, made available for download to authorized users via a secure online connection. This is provided through the NYSED Business Portal's single sign-on, through which the IRSP application is securely connected. User accounts are authorized by their institution's SEDDAS DA (SED Delegated Accounts System Delegated Administrtor), through whom access to the IRSP is initially granted and permission level is assigned.  Users are currently limited to the following school types: public schools and districts, charter schools, nonpublic schools, BOCES and RICs.

Logging In to the IRSP

  1. First navigate to the NYSED Business Portal landing page
  2. Click the Log In link (at the far right of the banner in the upper right of the page).
  3. When the Application Authentication Login page appears, in the designated fields type in your Username and Password (these are assigned to you through SEDDAS, see below), then click the Sign In button.
  4. Once your user credentials have authenticated successfully you will be presented with the NYSED “Application Business Portal” page. Below the top headers you should see an area designated as “My Applications”. If you have been granted access to the IRSP you will see a link that says “Information and Reporting Services Portal (IRSP)”. Click that link.
  5. You should now be on the main landing page for the IRSP. The top banner, below the logo, should read “Available Files from SED”.

(Please also seeGranting Access... below.)

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Downloading Files from the IRSP

  1. Navigate to the IRSP as noted in “Logging In...” steps above.
  2. You will be presented with the IRSP “Available Files from SED” Announcements page.  This page will provide information regarding available files and download links for specific files/reports. In addition, you will also have access to the upload utility where files can be uploaded.
  3. Find the title of the file you wish to download, and click on it.
  4. If your system has a default Download location set up on your computer, the file may automatically download to that location. If you do NOT have a default location set up, you should see a window asking you to Browse/choose a location to which to download the file (if so, choose a desired location on your local machine or network).
  5. Once the file download is complete (time to download varies depending on size of file and network bandwidth capacity), view the downloaded file by navigating to the location chosen by you on your local machine or network.

NOTE: The IRS Portal is a secure file transport for documents. LEAs and Schools must download ALL files when received and securely store them on their own local network.

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Uploading Files to the IRSP

NOTE: File upload capability is only activated by the NYSED IRS Office for specific file requests and is not active at all times*. However, when this feature is turned on, submitted files may be retained and available for review (and/or replacement) for the duration of that particular file's requirement. (For alternative methods of sending secure files to NYSED IRS, you may ask your Level 1 RIC/Big 5 CSD Support Contact about the possibility of using, for example, NYSED's SFTP service to securely transfer files to the IRS Office.)

  1. Navigate to the IRSP as noted in “Logging In...” steps above.
  2. You will be presented with the “Available Files from SED” Announcements page.  In addition to the information regarding available files (noted in “Downloading Files...” above) you should also see an "Upload Submission" section. Click "Upload Files to NYSED".
  3. In the "Submission Requests" section, "Upload file" column, click "Browse...".
  4. Browse/navigate to the location of the file in your local machine or network file system, select/highlight that file, and click "Open".
  5. Click the "Submit" button.
  6. When successful, the name of the newly uploaded file will appear in the "Review Submitted File" column (time to upload varies depending on size of file and network bandwidth capacity).
  7. If a submitted file needs to be replaced, return to the " Browse..." button, upload the new file form your local system, and click the "Submit" button again.
  8. *You can only upload a file when there are active "Browse..."/"Submit" entries for that row in the "Request" column.

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Granting Access and Delegating Rights to the IRSP using SEDDAS

The IRSP is one of many applications made available through the State Education Department Delegated Account System (SEDDAS).

Access to IRS Portal files must be granted according to the rules set forth on the SEDDAS home page for each institution type.  Access is initially granted by an institution's Delegated Administrator (DA) for all school types** other than public districts; at the public school district level the DA is called a Super DA (school superintendent), who may then create other DAs or Entitlement Administrators (EAs, who can only entitle permission levels and not create accounts) at the public school level.

**(Charter schools, BOCES and RICs have no Super DA, simply a primary executive DA, i.e., a school principal or other CEO role.)

Please refer to the SEDDAS home page for more details.

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Email Notifications for IRSP-delivered Files

The IRSP system automatically generates an email notification to LEAs when new files are available.  Email notifications are distributed only to LEAs' District Data Coordinators and School Data Coordinators.

NOTE: (Data Coordinators (DCs) are stored in that institution’s SEDREF master data file in the Administrative Contacts > Information Officer field). SEDREF is NYSED's core data file system for ALL institutions that are served by NYSED in any way. If no Information Officer is identified in SEDREF, IRSP email notifications are sent instead to the SEDREF Administrative Contact > Chief Executive Officer (CEOs are Superintendents, Principals, or other head administrative roles at a given institution).  For instructions on how to change your institution's contacts in SEDREF, please visit the SEDREF resources page.

Q.n01: An LEA wants additional people (other than the DC/CEO) to receive email notices whenever new reports are posted to the IRSP. How can they be set up to receive them?

A.n01: As noted above, the IRSP sends communications only to Data Coordinators (listed in the "Information Officer" field in SEDREF), or the CEO if no DC is identified. Any further distribution must be done within the LEA/school itself: They could create an email rule, for example, to forward (to any/all other desired recipients) a copy of any email coming from [] to the DC/CEO.

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IRSP and Related Support

All report- and data-related questions should first be directed to your regional Level 1 (L1) data center, generally located in the Regional Information Centers (RICs) and in some of the Big 5 City School Districts. The L1 support team points of contact for data found in IRSP reports and files will generally be the same points of contact for data found in your L2RPT reports (most L1s typically refer to these as their "State data warehousing" support teams). For data-related issues, if L1 support cannot directly resolve an issue, they should NOT generally ask LEAs to contact SED directly, but will instead escalate your issues to NYSED IRS on your behalf for fastest resolution. There are some exceptions to this practice, but primarily only when the problem is not data-related, but rather some other (typically technical) issue. A partial list of other support scenarios follows.

There are occasions when the primary points of contact for a given file/report posted to the IRSP is within NYSED (for example: the Information Reporting Services office, State Aid, Student Support Services, etc.); in those cases this information should be included within the report, or within other communications or guides used to inform users about these reports.

If you have issues with or questions about your permission level or account access to the IRSP, are having trouble logging in to the NYSED Business Portal, or are looking for general information about SEDDAS-managed applications (including the IRSP and many others), contact the SEDDAS help desk.

To contact us regarding interpretation of NYSED policy or data definitions/guidelines, or for feedback or suggestions about the IRS Portal, please click the HELP button located in the bottom right corner of the IRSP screen. This will take you to our Datasupport Q&A and Help Services.

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Last Updated: May 21, 2021