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Level 0 Historical (L0H) is an online application hosted by the Level 2 (L2) Statewide data warehouse. L0H is used to update a select subset of data elements from prior school years only. These data elements come from student data domains (demographics, enrollment, programs and assessments) and staff data (staff evaluation).

Level 0 Historical should not be confused with the “Level 0” application, which is used by many districts and schools to load and validate current school year data being sent to their RIC/Big 5 CSD for uploading to the NYSED SIRS statewide data warehouse.

Logging in to L0H

Authorized users log in to L0H at Each user's logon determines what subset of records may be accessed, whether at the L1, LEA or school level. When entering a User ID and password, the user is authenticated against the NYSED LDAP (secure accounts directory), with application-specific permissions determined by SEDDAS. (This is the same SEDDAS UID and password used for single sign-on to many of the NYSED applications available through the NYSED Business Portal.)

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Granting Access and Delegating Rights to the L0H application using SEDDAS

The L0H application is one of many applications made available through the State Education Department Delegated Account System (SEDDAS).

Access to L0H must be granted according to the rules set forth in SEDDAS for each institution type.  Access is initially granted by an institution's Delegated Administrator (DA) for all school types* other than public districts. At the public school district level the "executive DA" is called a Super DA (school superintendent), who may then create other DAs or Entitlement Administrators (EAs) at the school level.

*Charter schools, BOCES and RICs have no "Super DA", simply a primary DA (typically a school principal or CEO).

Please refer to the SEDDAS home page for complete details.

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L0H Support

All report- and data-related questions should first be directed to your regional L1 RIC or Big 5 CSD data center. When inquiring, you may wish to ask for "State data warehousing support for Level 0 Historical". L0H-specific contacts may be listed in the section of the "RIC/Big 5 Contacts" directory under your L1 data center (you should find the RIC/Big 5 Contacts link located near the bottom of the left-hand navigation bar on all NYSED IRS Web pages).

For data-related issues, if your L1 support cannot directly resolve an issue, they should not generally ask you to contact NYSED directly; for fastest resolution they should instead escalate issues on your behalf by submitting them directly to the L0H vendor support team using our shared NYSED IssueTracker troubleshooting application.

The only exception to this practice should be when the problem is not data-related, but rather an account/access issue: If you have issues with your permission level or account access to the L0H, you should still first ask your L1 support, as they manage the local-to-NYSED connections. If they cannot resolve an account-related issue, they may ask you to contact NYSED's SEDDAS help desk; their phone number and email address are listed at the bottom of the main SEDDAS page at

To contact NYSED IRS regarding interpretation of NYSED policy or guidelines pertaining to L0H, or for feedback or suggestions about the L0H application, please send e-mail to with "L0H" or "Level 0 Historical " in the subject, as well as the type of data element, data domain or template name (if applicable).

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Last Updated: November 10, 2021