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Level 1 Host-Child (L1HC) application and relationships processing (deprecated as of 9/21/2023)

All* content formerly available/linked from this page has been moved to the new Level 1 Host-Child (L1HC) Application and Processing page (new URL: Please make note of any browser bookmarks and/or web links that brought you to this page and change them, where possible, to the new location(s).

If a link outside your immediate control has brought you here, please contact the person(s) responsible for those links to inform them of these new links so they can change them. This page will be maintained for one annual business cycle.

The following section links have changed:

For Level 1 Hosts defined, the new URL is now

For Hosted LEAs defined, the new URL is now

For Technical procedures, the new For URL is now

For L1HC file specs, the new section name is now “L1HC Specs & User Guide” (files are no longer submitted in the new process) and the new URL is now

For Current L1HC Relationships, the new URL is now

* While downloadable files of Host-Child Relationships are available within the new L1HC application for all Level 1 users, these are limited to the relationships for that Level 1 center alone (not statewide). The publicly available links to current STATEWIDE relationships files (Excel .xlsx file and Text .txt file) are still being updated weekly via automated processing, and are still at the following URLs:
Again, these ARE ALL linked from the new resource page’s Current L1HC Relationships section. If/when the Excel and text files’ URLs are changed, we will (a) note them here on the old resources page, and (b) update the links on the new resources page.

For L1HC FAQ, the new URL is now

For Support, the new URL is now

Last Updated: October 4, 2023