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Overview: Level 2 Reports (L2RPT) reflect statewide (Level 2) data in the Student Information Repository System (SIRS), aggregated at the specific region (Level 1) at which they are hosted. L2RPT reports are designed to help districts verify a variety of demographic, enrollment, program, assessment and graduation data in support of accountability and other requirements, and also include Reasonableness reports designed to flag significant deltas between expected and actual outcomes or values.

L2RPT reports are generated in a Cognos reporting environment independently hosted by each RIC/Big 5 Level 1 data center (or other hosting site) on its own servers. For specific information about how to access your local/regional L2RPT environment, or if you have trouble accessing your reports or need guidance, please contact your Regional Information Center (RIC) or Big 5 City School District (CSD) L2RPT-specific support contact by locating them in our data warehouse systems support contacts listing, or follow the Steps to access L2RPT below.

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Steps to access L2RPT:

Please keep in mind as you review these steps:
As noted above, because each local/regional L2RPT reporting environment is hosted independently (and is therefore customizable by each RIC/Big 5 Level 1 center or host site), your local L2RPT environment may vary somewhat from that which is described in any of the steps below. If your instance of L2RPT varies, please call or email your data center or host site's L2RPT support contacts.

  1. Log into your local/regional Cognos server. The URL/web address must be provided to you by your local/regional Level 1 data center or other host site.
  2. Click on the "Public Folder" tab (or "My Folders" tab, or any other folder/tab designated by your Level 1 data center or host site).
  3. Click on the L2RPT folder (any whose title contains 'L2RPT').
  4. Once inside your L2RPT folder, you may click on any L2RPT report.

From here, use the report guides listed below and follow the instructions in each guide for report-specific navigation and contextual guidance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: User IDs and passwords are required to log in to your L2RPT/Cognos server. These UIDs/passwords are managed by the NYSED Delegated Account System (SEDDAS), which allows designated LEA personnel (public school district, charter and non-public administrators) to add users and manage access for their own employees. Information on SEDDAS accounts, permissions, and the applications managed by may be found on the SEDDAS Main Resources page.

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L2RPT Report Guides

L2RPT Report refresh dates are listed below, sorted two ways: by report refresh date (earliest to latest) and sequentially by SIRS Report number.

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Refresh Dates for L2RPT SIRS Reports

Below are two versions of the L2RPT Reports "refresh schedule" with frequency and start dates. The first list is sorted sequentially by L2RPT "SIRS Report" Number; the second list is sorted by the earliest date on which the report was made available for the current school year.

L2RPT Report Refresh Dates (sorted by SIRS REPORT Number)

L2RPT Report Refresh Dates (sorted by Refresh Start Dates)

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L2RPT Certification:
Public School Districts, Charter Schools and BOCES, Nonpublic schools and Article 81 schools must complete an End of Year (EOY) Certification of Verification Reports. Complete information on how to access and complete the form online is supplied on the IRS Data Verification & Certification Page.

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L2RPT Support:

For questions about L2RPT access, accounts, reports or data, first contact your Level 1 Regional Information Center (RIC) Big 5 City School District L2RPT data warehouse systems support contact or City SD data coordinator.

To contact us regarding interpretation of NYSED business rules or data definitions or guidelines, consult our SIRS Manual or contact your Level 1 Big 5 City School District or Regional Information Center (RIC) data warehouse systems support contact.

To send us feedback or suggestions about the L2RPT web application, we recommend you first ask your L2RPT support contact to work with you to determine if they should submit a ticket on your behalf. You may also use the blue HELP button at the bottom of this page to submit a ticket to our Datasupport customer request system.

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Last Updated: May 16, 2024