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Level 2 Reporting (L2RPT) report guides page (deprecated 11/2/2021)

All content formerly on this page has been consolidated to the main L2RPT System Resources page. Please make note of any bookmarked links that brought you to this page and change them, where possible, to the new location(s).

If a link outside your immediate control has brought you here, please contact the person(s) responsible for those links to inform them of these new links so they can change them.

This page will be maintained for one annual business cycle.

The following links have changed:

The overall L2RPT Report Guides page introduction/overview and context formerly at has now been fully incorporated into the main L2RPT resources page at

The specific L2RPT Report Guides list at is now at

The Steps to access L2RPT at is now at

The L2RPT Report refresh dates formerly posted on the IRS Calendar page at are now at

For additional assistance with links, you may also use the blue HELP button at the bottom of this page to submit a ticket to our Datasupport customer request system. Be sure to include "L2RPT Report Guides Web page" in both the Subject and Body/Message of your form. Please include BOTH the specific link that brought you here as well as the source from which you linked (web page URL, email, memo or other document) as well as any other context and/or screenshots or attachments that may help us.

Last Updated: November 3, 2021