Information and Reporting Services

Directory of Public and Nonpublic Schools and Administrators in New York State

Listings of select administrative contact information for New York State Public Schools and Districts, BOCES, Charter Schools, Nonpublic Schools, and State-Operated Schools, updated nightly, should be retrieved from NYSED's SEDREF Public Reports interface.

Multiple Institution Reports

To run reports on multiple institutions that fall under select sets of criteria, go to NYSED's SEDREF Public Reports (listed on the SEDREF Main Information page under the link "SEDREF COGNOS reports" just a few lines below the top of the page). There are currently over 40 SEDREF Public Reports. Reports are listed in alphabetical order by report title. All reports are refreshed nightly. Many reports contain varying types of Directory-style information – including the former "Public and Nonpublic Schools and Administrators" listing previously linked from this page – but because there are many kinds of SEDREF Public Reports, keep the following in mind:

  • Report titles are usually clustered “thematically” so pay close attention to what's included (or excluded) in each title. Differences can be subtle.
  • Because different institution types (or other criteria) that you may want to include in your report may be alphabetically "distant" from each other, be sure to scan the entire list of titles to narrow the list of possible report titles that may be of most use to you. For example:
    • The "School Directory" reports that used to be linked from this page are now most closely represented by the report now titled “IMF Institutions: Active IMF Institutions - Rec types 0,1,2,3,4,9,12 - select by County” which includes all institutions that report through the Level 2 SIRS data warehouse. This includes Public School Districts, Public Schools, Charter Schools, Nonpublic Schools, State-Operated Schools, BOCES, and BOCES-Operated Programs.
    • But there are other reports that include additional institutions Administrative listings (nonpublics especially) that don’t participate in SIRS, and they would be included in such reports as:
      • “Public, Nonpublic & Charter Schools: Active Public, Nonpublic & Charter Schools CEO Info with Physical & Mailing addresses, Grades & Grade Orgs” (this includes schools, but not districts, and no BOCES), or...
      • “School Districts, Public, Nonpublic & Charter Schools: CEO Info for Active School Districts, Public, Non Public & Charter Schools - Select by County” (this includes schools AND districts, but still no BOCES), or even...
      • the “All Institutions: All Institutions with Type, Subtype, Physical Address and CEO Info - select by County” report – although this particular report includes ALL locations listed in SEDREF, such as colleges, museums, libraries, local governments, fire districts, etc., etc., etc.
      • ...and, of course, many others that could also include different sets of data elements you might find useful.
  • We recommend you click a title to preview the report in your browser (as HTML) before downloading it. This is a fast way to determine if the report contains the information you expect before choosing to download it.
    • Once you determine a report is right for you, you can choose a different report format. Other formats are represented by icons to the right of the report titles:
      • Excel (XLS) spreadsheet
      • Plain text comma-delimited (CSV) file
      • Print-ready (PDF) file
    • If you find "the right report" but need to sort or filter it to further narrow your results, we recommend you download it in the Excel (XLS) format.
  • Back on the SEDREF Main Information landing page, you will also find PDFs that list select data elements that used in SEDREF and in the reports, such as
    • Administrative Position Types,
    • Grade Organization Types,
    • Institution Types and Subtypes,
    • Record Types,
    • Usage Indicators,
    • ...and many others
  • The SEDREF Main Information page also includes a section near the bottom with instructions on how to update contact information for schools and districts, BOCES and RICs.

Individual Institutions

For comprehensive information on individual institutions, use the SEDREF public database query tool. (Once at the SEDREF Query Tool page, added context for SEDREF data can be found by clicking "Public Help" in the SEDREF Query tool menu links. This will take you to the SEDREF Main Information page and the resources noted above.)

ARCHIVE of Nonpublic and State-/Other public agency-operated Schools (printable PDF format only). For latest listings please go to the links listed above.


Last Updated: September 28, 2022