Information and Reporting Services

Directory of Public and Nonpublic Schools and Administrators in New York State

A listing of select contact information for all New York State Public and Nonpublic Schools and Administrators, updated nightly, can be downloaded as an MS Access-2000 database file or MS Excel-97 spreadsheet file. For newer formats, see below.

Individual Institutions

For comprehensive information on individual institutions, use the SEDREF public database query tool. (Once at the SEDREF Query Tool page, added context for SEDREF data can be found by clicking "Public Help" in the SEDREF Query tool menu links. This will take you to the SEDREF Main Information landing page.)

Multiple Institution Reports

To run full reports on multiple institutions that fall under select sets of criteria, link to the SEDREF Public Reports on the SEDREF Main Information page. There are currently over 40 SEDREF Public Reports, all refreshed nightly, many with varying types of Directory-style information – including the Public and Nonpublic Schools and Administrators listing above – and much more. Reports include variable contact information for select personnel, as well as select data about a variety of institution types – and certain defining charactersitics of those institutions.

Please note that the listings below are provided for user convenience, but after files have been posted, officials' contact information can change. For latest listings please go to the links listed above.

ARCHIVE of Nonpublic and State-/Other public agency-operated Schools (printable PDF format only)


Last Updated: December 4, 2019