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Seventeen Schools Named As "Persistently Dangerous" Under NCLB, Ten Schools Placed on "Watch List"



Violent and Disruptive Incidents Reported by Public Schools
for 2003-04 and 2004-05 School Years

Press Release - June 12, 2006

Glossary of Incident Reporting Categories (HTML) (Microsoft Word) (Adobe Acrobat PDF)

Summary Reports

School Level Data

NOTE: the Excel files have a "frozen" column to make it easier to view the scrolling data.  To unfreeze the column, from your Excel menu bar select Window then Unfreeze Panes

Explanation of Reporting for New York City Building Including Multiple Schools

Some buildings in New York City contain multiple registered schools.  Each building has a Building Code and each registered school has it own identification number or BEDS code. These codes are provided on the school-level data file.  In 2004-05, New York City reported its most serious incidents using records compiled by the New York City Police Department.  The incidents were attributed to one school within the building.  Less serious incidents were reported based on records kept by schools within the building and are directly attributed to the school in which the incident occurred. The following is a link to a that table provides a list of Building Codes associated with more than one school and the list of BEDS codes and school names within that building.

Safe Schools Against Violence in Education Act Report to the Governor and Legislature (MS Word) (December 2004)



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