Ed Management Services

The Office of Educational Management Services provides technical assistance and oversight regarding the management of New York State school districts and BOCES and their use of education resources. Specific areas of responsibility include district management services, pupil transportation, BOCES (all aspects), school district organization, contracts for excellence, district budget data and regents state aid proposal development.  The office provides support for legislative and regulatory initiatives as well as guidance on required reporting and timelines (property tax cap, budget notice, tax freeze, administrative salary disclosure, etc.).

A subset of Educational Management Services is District Management Services. Here you will find information on functions of school districts and BOCES including Budgeting, Purchasing, Accounting and Auditing, Internal Controls, Payroll, Taxation and Best Practices (in development). It provides pertinent regulations, laws, forms and guidance documents including frequently asked questions and handbooks that can be used to ensure school district compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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