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The extraclassroom activity fund should provide learning experiences in the business procedures needed to safeguard the collection, deposit, and disbursement of money along with the filing of sales tax revenues. The material presented in this pamphlet is offered as a guide to boards of education and schools of the State in setting up accounting procedures that conform to the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education (8 NYCRR Part 172) for the control of extraclassroom activity funds.

The Regulations of the Commissioner of Education were formulated not only to safeguard the funds of the organization but also to provide schools with the opportunity to teach pupils good business procedures through participation in handling such funds and operating a successful business. For many students, this may be the only business training they will receive in school.

This pamphlet presents a description of a procedure for the management and accounting of extraclassroom activity funds.  The plan meets the requirements of the regulations and has the approval of the State Education Department.  The use of this plan is not mandatory, provided schools adopt adequate alternative plans of their own. 

Pamphlet: The Safeguarding, Accounting, and Auditing of Extraclassroom Activity Funds PDF Icon

Key Updates for 2019:     

  • Pages 11-14 – Sales tax
  • Page 22 – Charter Schools
  • Page 23 – Internal Control
  • Page 37 – Admissions Form
  • Page 41 – Tax Exempt Status


Last Updated: February 6, 2019