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Treasurer's Receipts

Section 170.2(h) of Commissioner's Regulations requires the district treasurer to acknowledge the receipt of monies paid over to his/her custody with pre-numbered duplicate receipts.  The purpose of this regulation is to establish an audit trail for internal control and protect the treasurer in the receipt of funds.  Employees who receive monies on behalf of the district other than the treasurer must issue pre-numbered receipts in triplicate as required by Section 170.2(i) of the Commissioner's Regulations.

The receipt numbers as well as the receipts should be entered into the cash receipts journal.

Combining receipts and deducting from receipt over-payments must not compromise the integrity of transactions.  Revenue entries according to the Uniform System of Accounts must be maintained on a gross basis.

  1. Treasurer's receipts: prenumbered receipt forms printed in DUPLICATE (Commissioner's Regulations 170.2(h)
    1. original to payer
    2. copy retained by treasurer
  2. Other persons authorized to receive monies in the first instance a prenumbered receipt form printed in TRIPLICATE (Commissioner's Regulations 170.2 (i)
    1. original to payer
    2. copy to treasurer with the money or bank deposit receipt
    3. copy retained by person authorized to receive money
  3. Auditing of receipt books by treasurer (control all receipt books used by others) Maintain log showing:
    1. Receipt book number series
    2. Person responsible for each receipt book
    3. Annual recalls and audit
Last Updated: June 15, 2009