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Special Education Tuition Figures Reporting (CTE/602/Report Card)


Q.) When a BOCES is publishing their tuition figures as they pertain to CTE, 602 and the Report Card, do you use the published tuitions, which were billed to the school districts during the prior school year, or the adjusted tuitions, which factor in surplus/refunds distributions to the districts?

A.)  The BOCES should use the adjusted tuitions. The published tuitions and adjusted tuitions would not be the same. The published tuitions are what is used to bill the districts. This is a rate that is developed a year ahead of time based on estimated expenses.  At the end of the year, after any surplus is refunded, the BOCES will calculate the actual cost to the district. The instructions for the 602 report have always directed BOCES to calculate the actual (adjusted) cost. This is consistent with the methodology used on the state and local uniform cost report that are submitted to SED in October.

Last Updated: December 4, 2014