Religious and Independent Schools

School Library Materials Loan Program

Sections 711 and 712 of Education Law provide for the establishment of a program in which public school districts purchase and loan school library materials required for use as a learning aid in a particular class or program. Both printed materials and audio-visual materials may be loaned.

Under this program, each student in the State enrolled in kindergarten through grade 12 may borrow library material in the amount of $6.25. The money for this program flows through the local school district. The total amount of this allocation to each district is based on the total school enrollment as of the first school day of October of the base year, that is, the school year preceding the one for which the request is made. All materials acquired under this legislation are loaned free and on an equitable basis to pupils in both public and nonpublic schools.

Since the school library materials loan program is administered in the same manner as the computer software loan program, information in the computer software question and answer section is applicable to the library materials loan program.

Students with disabilities attending private schools approved for the education of students with disabilities and for which there is a State-approved tuition rate are not eligible to request the loan of Instructional Materials Aid, including textbook, software, hardware and library materials, from public school districts under this program. The established tuition rate covers "the per pupil cost of all instructional services, supplies and equipment" and, therefore, the approved private schools should acquire appropriate materials directly as such costs are reimbursed through the tuition rate.

Last Updated: July 20, 2012