Religious and Independent Schools

Nonpublic School Safety Equipment (NPSE) Grant

Nonpublic School Safety Equipment(NPSE) Grant Year 8

The purpose of the Nonpublic School Safety Equipment Grant is to provide Religious and Independent schools with reimbursement for expenditures related to certain school safety and health expenses.

Projects and payments for year 8 must have been completed by March 31, 2022. The application submission deadline is March 31, 2022.

Nonpublic School Safety Equipment (NPSE) Grant-Year 8

Below are links to the Nonpublic School Safety Grant information:

  • List of OSC Vendor IDs PDF icon (673KB).  In order to claim reimbursement for Mandated Services Nonpublic schools are required to have a Vendor record established in the Statewide Financial System and obtain an OSC Vendor ID number.

    Filing for Reimbursement:  

    Receipts and forms can be sent to this address: 
    New York State Education Department
    Office of Grants Management
    89 Washington Avenue
    Room 481 EBA
    Albany, New York 12234

    State Contract:  We are pleased to confirm that Section 109-a of the General Municipal Law permits nonprofit nonpublic schools (see text below) to participate in the State Office of General Services (OGS) Contract, which may result in lower costs for purchase and installation of eligible safety equipment for your school.  Since the State Contract is contains a broader list of equipment than the eligible list for this program, school officials should confirm that the equipment appears on the NYSED list of eligible equipment for this program.  The Purchasing Division of OGS tells us the following:

    In order for your nonprofit school to purchase off of NYS contract you will need a Customer ID number.  If your school has purchased off of NYS contract in the past then then the school will have a Customer ID number as it does not expire.  Once have the information from the  contract that you need, you would contact the contractor with your needs and speak with them regarding invoicing and payments unless it is specified in the contract.  The contractor will ask you the Customer ID number and you will provide it to them and be all set.  In the event you need a Customer ID number below I have attached the application, please allow a 2 week time frame to obtain a Customer ID number.  Also I have attached the contracts that you would need (external links).  EXTERNAL LINK ICON 
    Application for Eligibility to use Centralized State Contracts
    Security Systems and Solutions

    General Municipal Law

    §  109-a.  Purchases through the office of general services by certain
    public associations. The New York State  Association  of  Counties,  the
    Association  of  Towns of the State of New York, the New York State Town
    Clerk's Association, Inc., the New York State Conference of  Mayors  and
    Other Municipal Officials, the New York State School Boards Association,
    Inc.,  the  New  York  Planning  Federation  and the Association of Fire
    Districts of the State of New York, the New York  State  Association  of
    School  Business  Officials,  the  New  York  state  council  of  school
    superintendents, any nonpublic elementary and/or secondary school of the
    state of New York, which provides the instruction  required  by  section
    thirty-two  hundred four and article seventeen of the education law, and
    which is chartered by, registered with or  subject  to  examination  and
    inspection  by the department of education and which is a not for profit
    institution and any public library, association library, library system,
    cooperative library system, the New York Library  Association,  and  the
    New York State Association of Library Boards or any other library except
    those  which  are  operated  by  for profit entities, may make purchases
    through the office of general services subject to such rules as  may  be
    promulgated  pursuant  to  section  one hundred sixty-three of the state
    finance law and subdivision eight-a of section one hundred three of this
    article which may establish limitations with respect to commodities  and
    impose  such  other  appropriate  conditions  upon  purchasing as deemed
    necessary by the commissioner of general services in  order  to  protect
    the state's own purchasing interests; and that such association, school,
    library,  library system or cooperative library system shall accept sole
    responsibility for any payment due the vendor. Boards of  education  may
    permit such nonpublic schools to make purchases pursuant to this section
    through  the  school  district in which the nonpublic school is located,
    provided that any administrative costs incurred by the  school  district
    will be paid by the nonpublic school.


Last Updated: January 28, 2022