Pupil Transportation

Child Safety Zones

General Information

  • School districts are not required to provide door-to-door transportation for any child, not even those in kindergarten. Pickup points can be established, for efficiency and economy reasons.
  • Some school districts have adopted local policies of picking up all young children at their homes, but the law does not require such service.
  • The distance between a pupil's home and a pickup point cannot exceed the distance used by the district for determining eligibility for transportation.

  • The Commissioner of Education has held that parents are legally responsible for the safety of the children while walking between home and a pickup point.

Transportation in Child Safety Zones  

  • Section 3635-b of the Education Law authorizes a board of education, in its discretion, to provide transportation for children who reside within a child safety zone. Such transportation may be provided for children who would not otherwise be eligible because their most direct waking route to school will traverse a hazardous zone. However, a child safety zone can only be established using a point system to assess various hazards, in accordance with New York State Department of Transportation Regulations.  

  • It is important to remember that child safety zone transportation is not required by law. A board of education has complete discretion as to whether or not such transportation will be provided. In addition, voter approval of a separate proposition is required where such transportation will result in an additional cost to the school district.

Child Safety Zone Legislation [Ed Law 3635-b]

Child Safety Zone Application & Point System [17 NYCRR 191]

Last Updated: June 11, 2009