Pupil Transportation

Transportation From One Public School District to Another

  • Education Law, Section 3635, clearly does not require a public school district to transport resident pupils to another public school district when such pupils have been enrolled by parental choice in the other school district. The Commissioner of Education has held that a public school district may transport resident pupils to the schools of another public school district, but is not required to do so. Such transportation may be provided, at the discretion of the board of education, for any such pupils who would be entitled to transportation to a non-public school.
  • The public school district where a non-resident pupil attends school, generally through a tuition arrangement, may transport the pupil, with the approval of the district of residence. However, the non-resident pupil must be eligible for transportation in accordance with the eligibility policy of the district of residence. In addition, there should be no cost to the district transporting the non-resident pupil. Where there is a cost, the district of residence should reimburse the other district through a transportation contract.
Last Updated: June 11, 2009