Pupil Transportation

Transportation For Students Who Live More Than 15 Miles From A Nonpublic School

  • Education Law requires a school district to transport students who live more than 15 miles from a nonpublic school, where a student residing within 15 miles is receiving transportation to the same school. The students residing beyond 15 miles must be transported from a centralized pickup point, which can only be a public school building. The school district may provide transportation between a student's home and the centralized pickup point only where the student's home is located on an established route leading to the centralized pickup point and where such transportation does not result in an additional cost to the district.
  • A board of education, at its discretion, may transport nonpublic school pupils who live beyond 15 miles, by means of a centralized pickup point, even though there are no pupils living within 15 miles, when transportation was provided to the same nonpublic school in at least one of the preceding three school years and the centralized pickup point is not more than 15 miles from the nonpublic school. Under these circumstances, a school district cannot provide transportation between the student's home and the centralized pickup point.
Last Updated: June 11, 2009