Pupil Transportation

Commissioner’s Advisory Committee for Pupil Transportation Services

The Advisory Board works in conjunction with the New York State Education Department vendor on approving/recommending approving deliverables as well as analyzing crashes involving serious injury and fatalities for the purpose of training and prevention from reoccurring. The Advisory Board has worked on raising the level of carrier compliance with the New York State Education Department mandated regulations by working with the vendor on the audit/review process.  The board provides input to the agency on current trends within the industry as well as formulated ad hoc committees to address some of these issues.

The Advisory Board of certified school bus drivers is charged with providing guidance to the Commissioner of Education on pupil transportation matters. A minimum of seven certified school bus driver instructors are appointed annually for such purposes by the commissioner to specifically addresses the following areas:

  • Physical performance test standards
  • School bus driver instructor training standards
  • Approval of the annual professional development seminar (PDS)
  • Pre-service instruction for school bus drivers, monitors, and attendants
  • Special needs transportation
  • Specialized training requirements for the basic course of instruction for school bus driver, monitors, and attendants  

This group also provides recommendations on requests for proposals (RFPs) for transportation services that the Pupil Transportation Department contracts out in the aforementioned areas. 

The advisory group has the following subcommittees:

  • Collision/Incident Investigation
  • Curriculum & Resource Review
  • Training
  • Master Instructor
  • Physical Performance Standards
  • Professional Development Seminar (PDS) Curriculum Review
  • Record Review & Compliance (Works with NYSED Vendor)
  • RFP Review

Commissioner's Advisory Committee Member Application

Last Updated: April 5, 2022