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Rules Book Image 8 NYCRR 156 – Commissioner Regulations for Pupil Transportation Contracts

  • 156.1 Applications, contracts, and other information to be filed
    • Note: Where the contract covers a multi-year period (2-5 years) the voters must approve a separate proposition or a specific line item in the school budget. The budget must also include a footnote to the line item which indicates the total number of years and cost of the multi-year contract. The full term of a multi-year contract must be included in a single contract form. For example, where a contract covers a 5-year term, the ending date will be June 30 of the fifth school year. (See Chart for summer & school year dates)
  • 156.5 Annual Extensions of Contracts

    Two Types of Extensions:

    • Annual Extensions = year-to-year renewal of a competatively bid contract
    • Multi-Year Extensions = 2-5 year term contract/ extension that requires voter prior approval
  • 156.11 Appropriate Costs

Percent Sign Image CPI % - Contract Extension Increase

Contract Document ImageContract Information

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New - Approval / Disapproval Notice - Contract Type - Key

Forms ImageForms

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Cost Justification Form

School Bus School Year Contracts  (September - June)
Visit the new Forms page for the following forms:

  1. Form TC – Transportation Contract – School Year
  2. Form CE – Contract Extension – School Year

Summer Sun Image Summer Contracts  (July & August)
Visit the new Forms page for the following forms:

  1. Form TCS – Transportation Contract – Summer
  2. Form CES – Contract Extension – Summer

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Leasing School Buses


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