Pupil Transportation

Parent Information

  • Insurance - when a school bus accident occurs
    • Taking the child to a physician and/or to a hospital following an accident is a correct action by the parent.  The next step is to notify your automobile insurance agent and get more expert information from that person, not from a State regulatory agency that does not have responsibility for the administration of medical payments. This is in fact a question that doesn’t belong with the State Education Department.  It’s an insurance question that should be referred to your insurance agent or a representative of your insurance carrier. 
    • The primary insurance for medical coverage is that of the parents.  It falls under automobile insurance since it was an automobile accident.  The secondary insurance belongs to the bus company.  The tertiary insurance belongs to the School District. To what extent you are insured under your automobile policy is tbd, but that is the place to look initially for coverage of medical expenses.  If unsuccessful, then please contact the school bus Contractor.
  • Maximum Time That a Pupil May Spend on a Bus
  • Non-public Schools
Last Updated: June 8, 2018