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Certification and Due Dates At-A-Glance for the 2019-2020 School Year

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These forms are entered directly into the PD Data System¹ Due By
PD6: Personnel Form February 3, 2020
PD8: Suspension Data August 3, 2020
These forms are sent directly to your Local Education Agency¹ Due By
SEDCAR 1: Request for IDEA Sub Allocation November 28, 2019
SEDCAR 2: Request for IDEA Sub Allocation for Students Receiving Services Pursuant to Article 81 Only (This form is also sent to SEDCAR in NYSED) November 28, 2019
These data are populated from SIRS and are certified in the PD Data System¹ Date Data Must Be Certified By
VR1: Preschool Child Count Report by Race/Ethnicity January 6, 2020
VR2: School Age Child Count by Age and Disability January 6, 2020
VR3: School Age Students by Disability and Race/Ethnicity January 6, 2020
VR4: Preschool LRE Setting Report January 6, 2020
VR5: School Age LRE Setting Report January 6, 2020
VR6: District Report of Preschool Students by Primary Service Provider January 6, 2020
VR7: Provider Report of Preschool Students² **
VR8: District Report of School Age Students by Building Where Enrolled January 6, 2020
VR9: Provider Report of School Age Students¹ **
VR11: Notification to School District of Compliance Rate on SPP #11³ September 21, 20205
VR12: Notification to School District of Compliance Rate on SPP #12³ September 21, 20205
VR13: Preschool Children Provided Programs and Services during 2019-20 School Year August 24, 20205
VR14: District Report of Parentally Placed Students in Nonpublic School Who Were Evaluated September 21, 20205
VR15: Preschool Outcomes Report³ August 24, 20205
VR16: Students Receiving Coordinated Early Intervening Services August 24, 20205
These data are entered directly into the PD Data System under Self Review Checklists4 Date Checklist Must Be Completed By
SR4: Suspension Rate for Students with Disabilities (significant discrepancy) June 19, 2020
SRS: Suspension Rate for Students with Disabilities (significant disproportionality) June 19, 2020
SR9: Disproportionate Identification of Racial and Ethnic Groups for Special Education and Related Services October 15, 2020
SR10: Disproportionate Representation of Students with Disabilities by Classification October 15, 2020
SR13: Secondary Transition IEP Review for Students with Disabilities August 31, 2020

¹ For further information on any of the forms or data in the above table, please visit IRS Special Education’s data collection requirements page located at:

² Verification reports 7 and 9 are provider reports that do not require certification.

³ See the schedule of submission to find the school year in which your district is required to submit data for these indicators:

4 Only required for districts notified to complete a self-review.  For further information on SPP Indicators, please visit:

5 Please note for all due dates in red: Enrollment, demographic, assessment (including COSF), Special Education Snapshot (EOY) and disability program service records for those students who are potential submission records for the VR 11-16 reports must be migrated to the Level 2 Student Data Repository no later than August 21, 2020. Data will be reviewable in the PD data system as the List of Potential Student Records to ascertain that all students eligible to be included in these reports are on the list with accurate information. The L2 data repository will be frozen with regard to new or changes in the enrollment, demographic, assessment, special education snapshot and disability program service records after this date in order to do accountability calculations after the August 21, 2020 deadline.

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