Verification Report 2
School Age Child Count by Age and Disability
(Students Receiving Special Education Services on October 1, 2008)

Description of Report

Below is a report of school age students with disabilities for whom the school district has Committee on Special Education (CSE) responsibility by disability and discreet age. Students with the following records are included in this report:

Also included with this verification report is a listing of students who are excluded from the report below. These students’ records should be reviewed by school districts for accuracy to verify that they indeed do not meet all the criteria listed above to be included in the report below. The criteria for excluding students from the report below are as follows:

The reasonability checks described below will be conducted based on the data in this report and the data included in the 2007-08, VR 2 report. School districts with the discrepancies described below will be required to provide an explanation for the discrepancy.

Verification Report 2
School Age Child Count by Age and Disability
(Students Receiving Special Education Services on October 1, 2008)

Directions: Please review the data below to verify each student’s disability and age as of October 1, 2008 for all school age students with disabilities (aged 4-21) for whom your district has CSE responsibility and who were receiving special education services on the snapshot date. The links below the numbers in each cell provide a list of students that meet the criteria to be included in the report. Also, please review your school district’s report of students excluded from this report. If corrections are needed to this report, please resubmit your district files with the necessary corrections to the Regional Information Center (or the data warehouse for large cities) during the verification time period.

(As of Snapshot Date)
Age as of October 1, 2008
4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Total
01 Autism                                      
02 Emotional Disturbance                                      
03 Learning Disability                                      
04 Mental Retardation                                      
05 Deafness                                      
06 Hearing Impairment                                      
07 Speech or Language Impairment                                      
08 Visual Impairment (includes Blindness)                                      
09 Orthopedic Impairment                                      
10 Other Health Impairment                                      
11 Multiple Disabilities                                      
12 Deaf-Blindness                                      
13 Traumatic Brain Injury                                      
14 Total (Lines 1-13)                                      


Statement of Assurance that will need to be checked:
Clicking the button will certify data displayed in VR1-6 and VR8 reports.
Clicking this button will stop any additional data refreshes into these reports from the Level 2 data warehouse. The data that you certify in these reports will be the Department's official record of your special education data. There is no certification required for the VR7 and VR9 reports. Please mail a signed copy of the Certification and Assurance Form to SEDCAR on or shortly after you certify these data. This form will become available on the menu, under 2008-09, under October Verification Reports after you click the button to certify your data.