Verification Report 7
Provider Report of Preschool Students
Receiving Special Education Services as of October 6, 2010
As Reported by School Districts of Residence

Below is a report of the number of preschool children with disabilities (aged 3-4) who were receiving special education services in your program according to the type of service provided as of October 6, 2010. For children who were receiving special education services from two or more service providers, they will be included for the service provider that is designated as the “coordinating service provider” by the school district’s CPSE. These data were reported by the school districts in which children resided as of October 6, 2010.

Directions: Please review your preschool program’s record of the numbers of preschool children with disabilities who were provided special education services from each school district against the numbers reported below by school districts. If there are discrepancies between your records and the school district’s records, please contact the special education office of each school district to resolve the discrepancy. If the school district’s record is inaccurate, they will need to resubmit their district files with the necessary corrections to the Regional Information Center (or the data warehouse for large cities) before the certification due date. These data should be consistent with the data you provide to school districts on the SEDCAR-1 forms by November 26, 2010 for preschool children to request a vendor per-pupil funding amount of IDEA funds.

Special Education Service Provider or Coordinating Service Provider:

  BEDS Code and Name of School District Reporting Preschool Children with Disabilities Number of Students Provided Preschool Special Education by Type of Service
Related Services Only All Other Preschool Services Total

This report does not need to be certified