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Verification Report 1
Preschool Child Count Report by Race and Ethnicity October 2022 Snapshot
(Preschool Children Receiving Special Education Services as of October 5, 2022)

To view the description of the report including SIRS codes please click here.

This is a report of preschool children with disabilities for whom the school district had Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) responsibility as of the snapshot day, October 5, 2022, grouped by race and ethnicity and age.

Students who meet all the following criteria are included in the report:

Students whose age is 3 or 4 and who have an active enrollment record on October 5, 2022 are excluded from the report if:


  1. Review the data to verify that this report represents all preschool children with disabilities (aged 3-4) for whom your district had CPSE responsibility and who were receiving special education services on the snapshot date.  Click on the number in each cell in the table to see the list of included students. Utilize the inclusion Oct. Reports for additional information on each student.
  2. Utilize the exclusion Oct. Reports to review the list of students excluded from the report and verify that they do not meet the criteria to be included.
  3. If corrections are needed to this report, please submit the revised data to your Regional Information Center or, for large cities, to the state data warehouse prior to the certification due date. Check with your RIC on their deadline for submitting data to them in order to ensure that the data is refreshed in PD by the certification due date. The RIC deadline will be in the week prior to the certification due date.
Preschool Students with Disabilities Receiving Special Education Services on October 5, 2022
(Age is as of October 5, 2022)
Hispanic or Latino American Indian/Alaska Native
(Not of Hispanic Origin)
(Not of Hispanic Origin) 
Black or African American
(Not of Hispanic Origin)
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
(Not of Hispanic Origin)
(Not of Hispanic Origin)
Two-or More Races
(Not of Hispanic Origin)
Race Total
Race Total
Age 3                  
Age 4                  

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Last Updated: September 26, 2022