Information and Reporting Services

PD Contact for Each District

District SED Code First Name Last Name Title
Addison C S D 570101040000 Tanya Loomis Supervisor of Special Education
Adirondack C S D 410401060000 Wendy Foye Director of Special Education
Afton C S D 080101040000 Elizabeth Briggs Director of Instruction & Pupil Svc
Akron C S D 142101040000 Timothy  Dunham Director of Special Education
Albany CSD 010100010000 Deborah Sharpe-DeFries Director of Special Education
Albion C S D 450101060000 Mary Leto Coordinator of Instruction and Lear
Alden C S D 140101060000 Suzanne Mark Dir. of Student & Staff Learning
Alexander C S D 180202040000 Erica Swinehart CSE Chairperson
Alexandria C S D 220202040000 Pamela Monica CSE Chairperson
Alfred-Almond C S D 020101040000 Todd Goho CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Allegany-Limestone CSD 040302060000 Debra Randall Special Education Director
Altmar Parish-Williamstown C S D 460102040000 Rose Darby Director of Special Education
Amagansett U F S D 580303020000 Maria Dorr Director of Pupil Personnel Svcs.
Amherst C S D 140201060000 Michael Belle-Isle Director of Special Education and P
Amityville U F S D 580106030000 Peter Paternostro Administrator for PPS
Amsterdam City S D 270100010000 Terry Dewey Coordinator of Special Education
Andes C S D 120102040000 Judith Klueg CSE Chairperson
Andover C S D 020601040000 Laura  Cone CSE Chairperson
Ardsley U F S D 660405030000 Jeanne Farruggio Director of PPS and Special Educati
Argyle C S D 640101040000 Erin Bray Director of Special Education
Arkport C S D 571901040000 Caitin Dewey Director of Student Services
Arlington C S D 131601060000 Vanessa  Weeks Director of Special Education
Attica C S D 670201060000 Debra Lacey Cse Chairperson
Auburn City S D 050100010000 Jennifer Whipple Director of Special Education
Ausable Valley C S D 090201040000 Aimee Defayette Director of Special Education
Averill Park C S D 491302060000 Leslie Y. Vollor Director of Special Education
Avoca C S D 570201040000 Kelly Buisch CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Avon C S D 240101040000 Kerstin Wheeler Director of Pupil Services
Babylon U F S D 580101030000 Lisa Consolo Director of Special Education
Bainbridge-Guilford C S D 080201040000 Victoria Gullo Director of Special Education
Baldwin U F S D 280210030000 Edward Murphy Director of Pupil Services
Baldwinsville C S D 420901060000 Rocco Nalli Director of Special Education
Ballston Spa C S D 521301060000 Kerri Canzone-Ball Director of Special Education
Barker C S D 401301040000 Deborah Farese Director of Instructional Services
Batavia City S D 180300010000 Trisha Finnigan Director of Special Education
Bath C S D 570302060000 Tuesday Mishook CSE Chair
Bay Shore U F S D 580501030000 Kathy Lombardo  Assistant Director of PPS
Bayport-Blue Point U F S D 580505020000 Natalie Doyle Administrator for PPS
Beacon City S D 130200010000 Cecilia Dansereau-Rumley Director Pupil Personnel Services
Beaver River C S D 231301040000 Rebecca Dunckel-King CSE Chairperson
Bedford C S D 660102060000 Roni Kramer Interim Director of Special Ed
Beekmantown C S D 090301060000 LeeAnn Short Director of Special Services
Belfast C S D 020801040000 Larry LaBrozzi CSE Chairperson
Belleville Henderson C S D 220909040000 Michele Alagna CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Bellmore  U F S D 280207020000 Joanne Dacek Assistant Superintendent
Bellmore-Merrick C S D 280253070000 Eric Arlin Director of PPS/Special Education
Bemus Point C S D 061001040000 Julie  Verdonik Director of Special Education
Berlin C S D 490101040000 Stephen Young Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Berne-Knox-Westerlo C S D 010201040000 Susan Casper Chief Information Officer
Bethlehem C S D 010306060000 Kathleen Johnston Director of PPS
Bethpage U F S D 280521030000 Patricia Hantzidiamantis Executive Director of PPS and Spec.
Binghamton City S D 030200010000 Annette Minarcin Director of Special Education
Blind Brook-Rye U F S D 661905020000 Harry Burg Director of Pupil Services
Bolivar-Richburg C.S.D. 022902040000 Alisha Hackett CSE Secretary
Bolton C S D 630101040000 Terry Begly CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Bradford C S D 570401040000 Steven Kiley Director of Pupil Services
Brasher Falls C S D 510101040000 Katherine  Lynch CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Brentwood U F S D 580512030000 Victoria Regan Director of Special Services
Brewster C S D 480601060000 Selena Fischer Director of Special Education
Briarcliff Manor U F S D 661402020000 Debora Serio-Vaughan Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Bridgehampton U F S D 580909020000 Ken Giosi CSE Chairperson
Bridgewater-West Windfield Central School District (Mt.  Markham) 212001040000 Laura Nelson Director of Pupil Personnel
Brighton C S D 260101060000 Carolyn Rabidoux Director for Pupil Personnel Services
Broadalbin-Perth C S D 171102040000 Christine Foglia Director of Special Programs
Brockport C S D 261801060000 Jennifer Daniels-Fisher Director, PPS
Brocton C S D 062301040000 Sandra Olson Director of Special Education
Bronxville U F S D 660303030000 Rachel Kelly Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Brookfield C S D 250109040000 Carrie Smith Principal & Chair for Spec. Ed.
Brookhaven-Comsewogue U F S D 580203020000 Audrey Nilsen District Administrator for PPS
Brunswick C S D 490202040000 Myles Goss Director of Special Education
Brushton- Moira C S D 161601040000 Todd LaPage CSE Chairperson
Buffalo City S D 140600010000 Kim Curtin Director of Special Education
Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake C S D 520101060000 Barbara Hebert Special Education Secretary
Byram Hills C S D 661201060000 Jill Boynton Director of Special Svcs.
Byron-Bergen C S D 180701040000 Donna Moscicki Director of Student Services
Cairo-Durham C S D 190301040000 Lorraine Colistra Director of Special Education
Caledonia-Mumford C S D 240201040000 Paul Estabrooks CSE Chairperson
Cambridge C S D 641610040000 Colleen Lester Elementary Teacher
Camden C S D 410601040000 Tamalin  Martin  Director, Special Education
Campbell-Savona C.S.D. 570603040000 Angela Pavlick Director of Pupil Personnel
Canajoharie C S D 270301040000 Jennifer Schwabrow Director of Special Education
Canandaigua City S D 430300050000 Stephanie Knapp Director of Student Services
Canaseraga C S D 021102040000 Noel Livingston CSE/CPSE
Canastota C S D 250901060000 Carolyn Rose Director of Special Program
Candor C S D 600301040000 Holly Carling Director of Special Education
Canisteo-Greenwood 571502060000 Hildreth Rose Director of Special Education
Canton C S D 510201060000 Michele Meyers Special Services Administrator
Carle Place U F S D 280411030000 Eileen Fredericks Exec. Assist. to the Sup't. for Sp.
Carmel C S D 480102060000 Christine Chambers Szafranski Director of Pupil Services
Carthage C S D 222201060000 Michele Capone Director of Pupil Services & Specia
Cassadaga Valley C S D 060401040000 John Kwietniewski Director of Curriculum & Spec. Pgms
Cato-Meridian C S D 050401040000 Elizabeth Kupiec Director of PPS
Catskill C S D 190401060000 Yvonne Waters Director of Special Education
Cattaraugus-Little Valley 042302040000 Tina Maines Director of Special Education
Cazenovia C S D 250201060000 Terry Ward Director of Special Education
Center Moriches U F S D 580233020000 Ricardo Soto Director of Special Services
Central Islip U F S D 580513030000 Sheldon Steinfeld Director for Special Education
Central Square C S D 460801060000 Teresa Ross Executive Director of Pup Per Ser
Central Valley CSD at Ilion-Mohawk 212101040000 Lisa Hoffman Director of Student Services
Chappaqua C S D 661004060000 Heidi McCarthy Director of Special Education
Charlotte Valley C S D 120401040000 Kelly  Coons Data Coordinator
Chateaugay C S D 160801040000 Loretta Fowler CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Chatham Central School District 101001040000 Brian Simon Director of Special Education
Chautauqua Lake CSD 060503040000 Kathy Freeman Student Services Office
Chazy U F S D 090601020000 Theda Wilfore Director of Special Education
Cheektowaga C S D 140701060000 Mary Morris Assistant Superintendent
Cheektowaga-Maryvale U F S D 140702030000 Karen Bauchle Director of Special Services
Cheektowaga-Sloan U F S D 140709030000 Jacquie Fowler Director of Special Education
Chenango Forks C S D 030101060000 Patricia L. Kuhl Director of Special Education
Chenango Valley C S D 030701060000 Tara Williams Whittaker Director of Special Education
Cherry Valley-Springfield C S D 472202040000 Bonnie Georgi CSE Chairperson
Chester U F S D 440201020000 Lea Kaufer-Morganstein Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Chittenango C S D 251601060000 Jason Clark Director of Special Education
Churchville-Chili C S D 261501060000 Bonnie Whitney Director of Pupil Services
Cincinnatus C S D 110101040000 Brittanie Gibbons Director of Special Education
Clarence C S D 140801060000 Maryellen Colling Director of Special Education
Clarkstown  C S D 500101060000 Arnold Fucci Exec Director For Pupil Services 
Cleveland Hill U F S D 140703020000 Dave Evans Director of Special Education
Clifton-Fine C S D 510401040000 Joseph  Ruddy CSE Chairperson
Clinton C S D 411101060000 Kathleen Fonda Director of Instru and Pupil Person
Clyde-Savannah C S D 650301040000 Steven Passero CSE/CPSE Chair
Clymer C S D 060701040000 Emily Harvey Director of Special Education
Cobleskill-Richmondville C S D 541102060000 Susan Conti Coordinator of Special Education
Cohoes City S D 010500010000 Erin Hill Director, Special Programs
Cold Spring Harbor C S D 580402060000 Denise Campbell Director of Special Education and P
Colton-Pierrepont C S D 510501040000 Lianne Knight CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Commack U F S D 580410030000 Nina Bryant Assistant Director for PPS
Connetquot C S D 580507060000 Monica Manzi Asst. Superintendent for Special 
Cooperstown C S D 471701040000 Laura Bliss Lamb CSE Chairperson
Copenhagen C S D 230201040000 Brenda Shelmidine CSE Secretary / CPSE Chairperson
Copiague U F S D 580105030000 Karen Sheridan Executive Director of Student Servi
Corinth C S D 520401040000 Jill Cheney-Bovee Director of Special Education
Corning City S D 571000010000 Deborah Joseph Director of Pupil Personnel
Cornwall C S D 440301060000 Kristine Schinella Interim Director of PPS
Cortland City S D 110200010000 Judi Riley Director of  Special Education
Coxsackie-Athens C S D 190501040000 Leslie Copleston Asst. Superintendent of School Serv
Croton-Harmon U F S D 660202030000 Karen Gatto Pupil Personnel Services Chair
Crown Point C S D 150203040000 Tia Gunnison CSE Chairperson
Cuba-Rushford C S D 022302040000 Kimberly Fisher CSE Chairperson
Dalton-Nunda C S D (Keshequa) 241101040000 Tina Mileham Director of Pupil Personnel
Dansville C S D 241001060000 Denise VanHeusen Director of Special Education
De Ruyter C S D 250301040000 Brittanie Gibbons Director of Special Education/Curri
Deer Park U F S D 580107030000 Frank Caliguiri Asst. Superintendent for Student Su
Delhi C S D 120501040000 Courtney Fairbairn CSE/CPSE/504 Chairperson
Depew U F S D 140707030000 Janet Gajewski Director of Special Education
Deposit C S D 031301040000 Lauriel Thomas-McCoy CSE Chairperson
Dobbs Ferry U F S D 660403030000 Erin Vredenburgh Director of Special Education
Dolgeville C S D 211003040000 Michelle Primeau CPSE Chairperson
Dover U F S D 130502020000 Pamela ONeil Director of Special Education
Downsville C S D 120301040000 Betty Early Director of Special Services
Dryden C S D 610301060000 Janet Rascoe-Strebel Director of Special Education
Duanesburg C S D 530101040000 Andrea Conover CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Dundee C S D 680801040000 Dianna Salamendra District Data Coordinator
Dunkirk City S D 060800010000 Stephen O'Brien Director of Special Education
East Aurora U F S D 140301030000 Jerome Polakiewicz Director of Pupil Personnel Service
East Bloomfield C S D 430501040000 Kateri Warren Director of Pupil Personnel Service
East Greenbush C S D 490301060000 Helen Squillace Director of Special Education
East Hampton U F S D 580301020000 Cindy Allentuck Director of Pupil Personnel
East Irondequoit C S D 260801060000 Lesley Powers PPS Director
East Islip U F S D 580503030000 Susan Kosser Ex. Dir of PPS/Special Education
East Meadow U F S D 280203030000 Patrice Sturz Director of Special Education
East Moriches U F S D 580234020000 Raymond J. Fannan Supervisor Pupil Personnel/Special 
East Quogue U F S D 580917020000 Lauren Porter CPSE/CSE Chairperson
East Ramapo C S D (Spring Valley) 500402060000 Arthur Jakubowitz Director of Special Education
East Rochester U F S D 261313030000 Jeanne Winkler Director of Pupil Personnel Service
East Rockaway U F S D 280219030000 Laura Guggino Director of Pupil Personnel Service
East Syracuse-Minoa C S D 420401060000 Kathleen Colucci Director of Special Education
East Williston U F S D 280402030000 Shari Senzer Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Eastchester U F S D 660301030000 Noreen Urso Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Eastport-South Manor 580912060000 Maureen Avione Director of Special Education
Eden C S D 141201060000 Shawn Johnson Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Edgemont U F S D 660406030000 Shelley Fleischmann Director of Special Services
Edinburg Comn School 520601080000 Andrea Schedlbauer CPSE/CSE Chairperson
Edmeston C S D 470501040000 Pamela Grimm CSE Chairperson
Edwards-Knox Central School District 513102040000 Sherry White CSE Chairperson
Elba C S D 180901040000 Dan Demare CPSE Chairperson
Eldred C S D 590801040000 Robert Dufour Superintendent
Elizabethtown-Lewis C S D 150301040000 Cheryl Hutchins Director of Students Services
Ellenville C S D 622002060000 Triesha Foflia-Edwards Director of Special Education
Ellicottville C S D 040901040000 Connie  Poulin CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Elmira City S D 070600010000 Joyce Carr  
Elmira Hts C S D 070902060000 Dawn Hanrahan Director of Instructional Services
Elmont U F S D 280216020000 Stephanie Muller Director Of Special Education
Elmsford U F S D 660409020000 Jo-Anne Dobbins Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Elwood U F S D 580401020000 Dianne Wilkinson Director of Special Education
Evans-Brant C S D (Lake Shore) 141401060000 Mary Steenberg Director of Special Education
Fabius-Pompey C S D 420601040000 Chantal Corbin CSE Chairperson
Fairport C S D 261301060000 Sheila McCarthy Director of Special Education
Falconer C S D 061101040000 Julie Possai Director of Special Education
Fallsburgh C S D 590501060000 Heather Hendershot Dir Of Pupil Personnel Services
Farmingdale U F S D 280522030000 Donald  Cassidy Director Special Education
Fayetteville-Manlius C S D 421001060000 Lisa Miori-Dinneen Assistant Superintendent for Specia
Fillmore C S D 022001040000 Chelsey Aylor CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Fire Island U F S D 580514020000 Loretta Ferraro CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Fishers Island U F S D 581004020000 Karen Loiselle-Goodwin Superintendent/Principal
Floral Park-Bellerose UFSD 280222020000 Juli Mulcahy Asst.Sup. for Curric. & Student Ser
Florida U F S D 442115020000 Lisa Tiger Director Of Pupil Personnel
Fonda-Fultonville C S D 270601040000 Marie Wolff Account Clerk Typist
Forestville C S D 061503040000 Carla Wienke CSE Chair
Fort Ann C S D 640502040000 Ann Marie Clark Co CSE Chair
Fort Edward U F S D 640601020000 Kathleen Mahan CSE/CPSE Co-Chair/Data Manager
Fort Plain C S D 270701040000 Jennifer Schwabrow Director of Special Education
Frankfort Schuyler C S D 210402060000 Julie Tangorra CPSE/CSE Coordinator
Franklin C S D 120701040000 Julie R. Bergman Principal/CSE Chairperson
Franklin Square U F S D 280217020000 Pamela Taylor Director of Special Education
Franklinville C S D 041101040000 Thomas Kopp Director of Special Education
Fredonia C S D 062201060000 Kristen Ferro Director of Special Education
Freeport U F S D 280209030000 Alice Kane Director of PPS
Frewsburg C S D 060301040000 Cynthia Johnson Director of Special Education
Friendship C S D 021601040000 Micah Oldham Director of Pupil Personnel
Frontier C S D 141604060000 Colleen Duggan Director of Special Education
Fulton City S D 460500010000 Katherine Adams Director of SIPPS
Galway C S D 520701040000 Kathy Burns Interim Director of Pupil Services
Gananda C S D 650902040000 Danielle O'Brien Director of Student Services
Garden City  U F S D 280218030000 Lynette Abruzzo Director, Pupil Personnel Services
Garrison U F S D 480404020000 Jennifer Muller CSE Chairperson
Gates-Chili C S D 260401060000 Jacqueline Sipmson Director of Pupil Services
General Brown C S D 220401040000 Kathaleen Beattie School Counselor/CSE Chairperson
Genesee Valley CSD 020702040000 Carol McCarville CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Geneseo C S D 240401040000 Cindy Flowers Special Education Administrator
Geneva City S D 430700010000 Tracy Marchionda Director of Innovative Programming
Germantown C S D 100902040000 Emily Davison Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Gilbertsville- Mount Upton C S D 470202040000 Annette Hammond CSE Director
Gilboa Conesville Central School 540801040000 Janice Cashman CPSE/CSE Chairperson
Glen Cove City S D 280100010000 Betsy Lashin Asst. Director of Special Education
Glens Falls City S D 630300010000 Barbara Sealy Director of Special Education
Glens Falls Comn S D 630918080000 Susan Hildebrandt CSE Chair
Gloversville City S D 170500010000 Rosanne  Plumadore Asst. Director for Student Support
Gorham-Middlesex C S D 430901060000 Cheryl Wagner Director Student Support Services
Goshen C S D 440601040000 Barbara Butler Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Gouverneur C S D 511101060000 Robyn Knowlton CSE Chairperson
Gowanda C S D 042801060000 Janine Jalal CSE Chairperson
Grand Island C S D 141501060000 Cheryl Cardone Director of Pupil Personnel
Granville C S D 640701040000 Colleen Jennings Director of Special Education
Great Neck U F S D 280407030000 Joe Hickey Assist. Supt. for Special Education
Greece C S D 260501060000 Sandra McCormack Director of PPS
Green Island U F S D 010701030000 Jodi Mazzeo CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Greenburgh C S D 660407060000 Shanna Persaud Administrative Assistant
Greene C S D 080601040000 Jonathan Retz Superintendent
Greenport U F S D 581010020000 Ruth Yoskovich Special Education Secretary
Greenville C S D 190701040000 Brook Van Fleet Director of Special Education
Greenwich C S D 640801040000 Susan Bishop Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Greenwood Lake U F S D 442111020000 Amy Petrassi CSE Chairperson
Groton C S D 610501040000 Elizabeth Primo CSE/CPSE Coordinator/Admistrator
Guilderland C S D 010802060000 Lisa Knowles Director for Pupil Personnel Servic
Hadley Luzerne C S D 630801040000 Paul Berry Superintendent
Haldane C S D 480401040000 Jennifer Wilson Director of Special Education, Reme
Half Hollow Hills C S D 580405060000 Anna Caparco Data Coordinator
Hamburg C S D 141601060000 Colleen Kaney Director of Special Education
Hamilton C S D 250701040000 Margaret O'Connor CSE Chairperson
Hammond C S D 511201040000 Shelley Spooner CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Hammondsport C S D 572901040000 Michelle Sincerbox Director of Special Education
Hampton Bays U F S D 580905020000 Mark Pagano Asst to Supt for Student Services
Hancock C S D 120906040000 Michael MacDonald Director of Pupil Personnel
Hannibal C S D 460701040000 Stacy Longyear Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Harborfields C S D 580406060000 Elizabeth Tucci Director of PPS
Harpursville C S D 030501040000 Amy Lucenti Director Special Services
Harrison C S D 660501060000 Julie Snider Director of Special Education
Harrisville C S D 230301040000 Amanda Pignone District Data Coordinator
Hartford C S D 641001040000 Bethellen Mannix Director of Special Education
Hastings-On-Hudson U F S D 660404030000 Laurie A. Bauer Interim Director of Spec. Ed.
Hauppauge U F S D 580506030000 Claire Hochheiser Director, Pupil Personnel Services
Haverstraw-Stony Point C S D 500201060000 Sarah E. Sorensen Director of Special Education
Hempstead U F S D 280201030000 Djuana Wilson Coordinator of Direct Instruction
Hendrick Hudson C S D 660203060000 Lynn Rafalik  Director of Pupil Personnel 
Herkimer C S D 210601060000 Michelle Ploss District Data Coord. & Director of 
Hermon-Dekalb C S D 511301040000 Andrew Gillie CSE Chairperson 
Herricks U F S D 280409030000 Roberta Hopkins  Director of Pupil Services
Heuvelton C S D 512404040000 Susan Bouchey CSE Chairperson
Hewlett-Woodmere U F S D 280214030000 Debra Lo Verde Executive Director of Special Edcua
Hicksville U F S D 280517030000 Michelle Davis Director of Special Ed. & PPS
Highland C S D 620803040000 Barbara E Chapman Director of Student Services
Highland Falls - Fort Montgomery C S D 440901040000 Christine Armstrong PPS Director
Hilton  C S D 261101060000 Laura Whitcomb Director of Special Education
Hinsdale C S D 041401040000 Larry Ljungberg Superintendent
Holland C S D 141701040000 Laurie Gregory Director of Curriculum
Holland Patent C S D 412201060000 Mary Beth Piejko Pupil Personnell Director
Holley C S D 450704040000 Steven Passero Interim Director of Special Program
Homer C S D 110701060000 Christopher Moore Direcgtor of Special Education
Honeoye C S D 431401040000 Kimberly Bush Director of PPS
Honeoye Falls-Lima C S D 260901060000 Stephanie S. Bemish Directorof Pupil Personnel Services
Hoosic Valley  C S D 491401040000 Patti Sawyer Director of Special Education
Hoosick Falls C S D 490501060000 Kristin Philpott Director of Special Education
Hornell City S D 571800010000 Douglas Wyant, Jr. Superintendent
Horseheads  C S D 070901060000 Shawn McDonough Assistant Director of Elem & Sec Ed
Hudson City S D 101300010000 Kim Lybolt Director of Student Services
Hudson Falls C S D 641301060000 Justine Miles CSE Chairperson grades 6-12
Hunter-Tannersville C S D 190901040000 Patrick Sweeney Superintendent
Huntington U F S D 580403030000 Nancy Wilson Director of SSS & SE
Hyde Park C S D 130801060000 Aviva Kafka Assistant Supt for Pupil Services
Indian Lake  C S D 200401040000 Laurie Wells CSE Chairperson
Indian River C S D 220301060000 Tamara Metz Supervisor of Federal Programs
Inlet Comm S D 200501080000 Christine Holt Superintendent
Iroquois C S D 141301060000 Kristin Kendall-Jakus Director of Instruction, Student Se
Irvington U F S D 660402020000 Scott Palermo Director of Pupil Per  Services
Island Park U F S D 280231020000 Laurie Scimeca Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Island Trees U F S D 280226030000 Arlene Genden Sage Assistant Superintendent 
Islip U F S D 580502020000 Kate O'Callaghan Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Ithaca City S D 610600010000 Sheila McEnery Director of Special Education
Jamestown City S D 061700010000 John Panebianco Director of PPS
Jamesville-Dewitt C S D 420411060000 Sheila Woltman Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Jasper-Troupsburg C S D 572702040000 Tricia Dodge CPSE/CSE Chair (K-6)
Jefferson  C S D 540901040000 Cheryl Jory CSE Chairperson
Jericho U F S D 280515030000 John Castronova Executive Director of Pupil Personn
Johnsburg C S D 630601040000 Amanda Durkee Chairperson
Johnson City C S D 031502060000 Elisa Eaton Director of Special Services
Johnstown City S D 170600010000 Sara Lewis Director of Special Education Pupil
Jordan Elbridge C S D 420501060000 Janice Schue Director of Special Education
Katonah-Lewisboro U F S D 660101030000 Connie Hayes Director of Special Services
Keene C S D 150601040000 Mark Sturges Director of Data Collection
Kendall C S D 450607040000 Nick Picardo Director of Special Education
Kenmore - Tonawanda U F S D 142601030000 Brenda Chmura Director of Special Education
Kings Park C S D 580805060000 Danielle Colby-Rooney Administrator for Pupil Personnel 
Kingston City S D 620600010000 Beth Lewis CSE Chairperson
Kiryas Joel Village UFSD 441202020000 Elie Wizman Director of Special Education
La Fargeville C S D 221401040000 Jaycee Welsh Director of Special Education
La Fayette C S D 420807040000 Karen Ocque Director of Instruction & Pupil Ser
Lackawanna City S D 141800010000 Sue Lynn Galvin Principal, Special Education
Lake George  C S D 630701040000 Bernadette Bechard CPSE/CSE Chairperson
Lake Placid  C S D 151102040000 Roger Catania Interim Superintendent of Schools
Lake Pleasant C S D 200601040000 Donna Benkovich CSE Adm. Asst
Lakeland C S D 662401060000 MaryEllen Herzog Assistant Superintendent for PPS
Lancaster C S D 141901060000 John Armstrong CSE Director
Lansing C S D 610801040000 Kathryn Rourke Director of Special Services
Lansingburgh C S D 490601060000 Shaun Paolino Director of Pupil Personnel
Laurens  C S D 470801040000 Sandra J. Kaster Director of Special Education
Lawrence U F S D 280215030000 Jane Albert Interim Director of Pupil Personnel
Le Roy C S D 181001060000 Beth Russ Director of Special Education
Letchworth C S D 670401040000 Paula Mighells Director of PPS
Levittown U F S D 280205030000 Donald Sturz Assistant Superintendent
Lewiston-Porter C S D 400301060000 Barbara Godshall Director of Special Education/Grant
Liberty C S D 590901060000 Eileen Whitaker Director of Student Services
Lindenhurst U F S D 580104030000 Suzanne Sugarman Assistant Superintendent for Specia
Lisbon C S D 511602040000 Staci Vaughn CPSE/CSE Chairperson 
Little Falls City S D 210800050000 Bart Tooley Director of Special Education
Liverpool C S D 421501060000 Amy DiVita Executive Director of Spec. Ed.
Livingston Manor C S D 591302040000 Roberta Rehwaldt Director of Special Services
Livonia C S D 240801060000 Stacey Barden Director of Student Services
Lockport City S D 400400010000 Dawn Wylke Director of Student Services and Sp
Locust Valley C S D 280503060000 Richard Miller Directof of Special Education
Long Beach City S D 280300010000 Sabrina Cantore Exec Dir of Pupil Personnel Service
Long Lake C S D 200701040000 Megan Nevins Special Education Coordinator
Longwood C S D 580212060000 Jennifer McCarthy Director of Secondary Spec. Ed.
Lowville ACAD & C S D 230901040000 Mary Compo Chairperson, Committee on Special E
Lyme C S D 221301040000 Patricia Gibbons CSE Chairperson
Lynbrook U F S D 280220030000 Arlene Mishanie Director of Special Services
Lyncourt U F S D 421504020000 Catherine Mahoney CSE Chairperson
Lyndonville C S D 451001040000 Anne Marie Holland Director of Special Programs
Lyons C S D 650501040000 Margaret Blask Director of Educational Services
Madison  C S D 251101040000 Jan White Interim CSE
Madrid-Waddington C S D 511901040000 Matthew Daley CSE Chairperson
Mahopac C S D 480101060000 Gregory Stowell Asst. Superintendent for Pupil Per.
Maine-Endwell C S D 031101060000 Bradley Bruce Director of Special Education
Malone C S D 161501060000 Mary Jane Latreille Director of Pupil Personnel
Malverne U F S D 280212030000 Meredyth Martini Director of Special Education
Mamaroneck U F S D 660701030000 Lori Freeman Director of Special Education
Manchester-Shortsville C S D 431101040000 Karen Hall CSE/CPSE Chair
Manhasset U F S D 280406030000 Allison Rushforth Director of Special Education & Pup
Marathon  C S D 110901040000 Rebecca Stone Marathon Superintendent
Marcellus C S D 421101060000 Patricia McCarron Assist. Supt. of Pupil Services
Margaretville C S D 121401040000 Courtney Fairbairn CSE  Chairperson
Marion C S D 650701040000 Kristin N. Miller Director of Educational Services
Marlboro C S D 621001060000 Rosanne Mele Director of Student Services
Massapequa U F S D 280523030000 Yvonne Knott Assistant for Information Managemen
Massena C S D 512001060000 Susan Lambert Director of Special Services
Mattituck-Cutchogue U F S D 581012020000 Tricia Desiderio Director of Special Education
Mayfield  C S D 170801040000 Colleen Ulrich Special Education Chair
McGraw C S D 110304040000 Ray Van Cuyck Interim Director of Special Ed.
Mechanicville City S D 521200050000 Rose Bradley Director of Pupil Personnel
Medina C S D 450801060000 John D'Angelo Director of Special Program
Menands U F S D 010615020000 Catherine Wasserman CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Merrick U F S D 280225020000 Salvatore Dossena Director Of Pupil Personnel Service
Mexico C S D 460901060000 Pamela Buddendeck Director of Pupil Services
Middle Country C S D 580211060000 Donna Cooke Director of PPS
Middleburgh C S D 541001040000 Maura Green PPS Director
Middletown City S D 441000010000 Donna Napolitano Special Education Principal
Milford CSD 471101040000 Michael Miller CSE Chairperson
Millbrook C S D 132201040000 Kathleen Affigne Assistant Superintendent
Miller Place U F S D 580208020000 Sandra Wojnowski Admin for Pupil Personnel Services
Mineola U F S D 280410030000 Bridget McCormick CPSE & CSE Chairperson
Minerva C S D 150801040000 James Dorsey CSE Chairperson
Minisink Valley C S D 441101040000 Elizabeth Law Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Monroe-Woodbury C S D 441201060000 Alethea Scheppe Director of Pupil Personnel
Montauk U F S D 580306020000 Brigid Collins Assistant Principal
Monticello C S D 591401060000 Tana Duryea Director of PPS
Moravia  C S D 051301040000 Christopher Fisher Director of Special Education
Moriah C S D 150901040000 Carrie Langey Director of Special Services
Morris C S D 471201040000 Deborah Chicorelli Director of Special Education
Morristown C S D 512101040000 Katherine Lynch CSE Chairperson
Morrisville-Eaton C S D 250401040000 Deborah Fazio CSE Chairperson
Mount Morris C S D 240901040000 Becky Chenaille Director of Instruction/Spec Edu
Mount Pleasant C S D 660801060000 Lauren Gaudinier Database Specialist
Mount Sinai U F S D 580207020000 Deena Williams-Timo  Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Mount Vernon City S D 660900010000 Felicia Gaon Director of Special Education
Nanuet U F S D 500108030000 Judith Heaney Director of Student Support Service
Naples C S D 431201040000 Karen Mead Director of Pupil Personnel
New Hartford C S D 411501060000 Ashraf Allam Director of Student Services
New Hyde Park-Garden City Park U F S D 280405020000 Kim Levy Director of Special Education 
New Lebanon C S D 101601040000 Jennifer Morris CSE/CPSE Chair
New Paltz C S D 621101060000 Meghan Febbie Director of Pupil Personnel Svcs.
New Rochelle City S D 661100010000 Yvette Goorevitch Director of Special Education
New Suffolk Comn S D 581015080000 Maria Gizzo Conf Exec Secretary/ Admin. Aide
New York Mills  U F S D 411504020000 Kim Zogby Chairperson of Special Education
Newark C S D 650101060000 Krista Lewis Director of Pupil Services
Newark Valley C S D 600402040000 Jami Fabrizio Director of Special Edcation
Newburgh City S D 441600010000 Chris Bayer Director of Special Education
Newcomb C S D 151001040000 Steven Wilk CSE Chairperson
Newfane C S D 400601060000 Jennifer Bower Director of Pupil Services 
Newfield C S D 610901040000 Cheryl Jackson Director of Special Programs
Niagara Falls City S D 400800010000 Ken Krieger CSE Chairperson
Niagara-Wheatfield C S D 400701060000 Patrick M. Canfield Director of Special Programs
Niskayuna C S D 530301060000 Lynne Rutnik Administrator for Student Support S
North Babylon U F S D 580103030000 Mona Tobin Interim Director of Special Ed.
North Bellmore U F S D 280204020000 Carol Eskew Deputy Superintendent
North Collins  C S D 142201040000 Debra L. Randall Director of Special Education
North Colonie CSD 010623060000 Dave Semo Director of Pupil Services
North Greenbush Comn S D (Williams) 490801080000 Kathleen Meany CSE Chairperson
North Merrick U F S D 280229020000 Kim E. Christ Director of Special Ed. PPS
North Rose-Wolcott C S D 651501060000 Katherine Goolden Director of Special Education
North Salem C S D 661301040000 MaryJo Hauser Assistant Sup't Pupil Personnel Ser
North Shore C S D 280501060000 Thomas Korb Director of Special Education
North Syracuse C S D 420303060000 Valerie DiFlorio Director of Special Education
North Tonawanda City S D 400900010000 John Moskalik Director of Special Education
North Warren C S D 630202040000 Deidre  Hill CSPE
Northeastern Clinton C S D 090501040000 Jenna Breyette Special Education Secretary
Northern Adirondack C S D 090901040000 Christina Trombley Special Education Secretary
Northport-East Northport U F S D 580404030000 Christina Pulaski Director of Special Education
Northville C S D 170901040000 Cathy Brucker Director of Special Education
Norwich City S D 081200050000 Carrie Steinbauer Director of Special Programs
Norwood-Norfolk C S D 512201040000 Caralee Kardash CSE/CPSE Chairperson/Administrator
Nyack U F S D 500304030000 Kathleen Giordanella CSE Chairperson
NYC Schools-Chancellor's Office 300000010000 Steve Albert Dep Ex Dir Comm on  Spec Ed
Oakfield Alabama C S D 181101040000 Brenda Good Coordinator of Student Services
Oceanside U F S D 280211030000 Debra Kienke Executive Director of Special Ed.
Odessa-Montour C S D 550101040000 Veronica Lewis Director of Special Programs
Ogdensburg City S D 512300010000 Debora Hannan Director of Special Education
Olean City S D 042400010000 Jackie Reed Secretary to Director of Special Ed
Oneida City S D 251400010000 Peter Gleason School Psychologist/CSE Chair
Oneonta City S D 471400010000 Timothy Gracy Director of Special Education
Onondaga C S D 421201040000 Robin Price Superintendent of Schools
Onteora C S D 621201060000 Margaret Harkin School Program Secretary
Oppenheim-Ephratah-St. Johnsville CSD 271201040000 Ann Drummond Cse/Cpse Chairperson 
Orchard Park C S D 142301060000 Lynn Czemerynski Director of Special Education
Oriskany C S D 412901040000 Karen Lobdell Education Coordinator
Ossining U F S D 661401030000 Maureen Boozang-Hill Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Oswego City S D 461300010000 Robert Duffy Director of Special Programs
Otego- Unadilla C S D 471601040000 Gary Williams Director of Special Education
Otselic Valley Central School 081401040000 Lacey Eaves CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Owego-Apalachin C S D 600601060000 Thomas Comerford, III Director of Pupil PersonnelServices
Oxford Acad & C S D 081501040000 Dawn Hover Director of Special Programs
Oyster Bay-East Norwich C S D 280506060000 Ellen  Loewy Director of Special Services
Oysterponds  U F S D 581002020000 Daniel Goldfarb CSE Chairperson
Palmyra-Macedon C S D 650901060000 Joan Karnisky Director of Special Services
Panama C S D 061601040000 Frances Frey K-6 Principal & Dir. of Spec. Ed.
Parishville-Hopkinton C S D 512501040000 Brooke Reid CSE Chairperson
Patchogue-Medford U F S D 580224030000 Marjory Bernstein Assistant Superintendent for Pupil 
Pavilion C S D 181201040000 Stacey Tallon Director of Special Education
Pawling  C S D 131201040000 Scott Rice Director of PPS
Pearl River U F S D 500308030000 Carolyn Moffa Director Special Services
Peekskill City S D 661500010000 Joyce Long Director of Special Education
Pelham U F S D 661601030000 Rosemary Matthews Assistant Superintendent PPS
Pembroke C S D 181302040000 Noelle Rennolds Director of Pupil Personnel
Penfield C S D 261201060000 Marti Mauro District Data Manager
Penn Yan C S D 680601060000 Richard Shaver Director of Student Support Services
Perry C S D 671201060000 Daniel Schuler Director of Pupil Services
Peru C S D 091101060000 Nina Blaise Account Clerk/Typist
Phelps-Clifton Springs C S D 431301060000 Tammy Wood Director of Special Programs  Services
Phoenix C S D 462001060000 Kathie Palladino Director of PPS & Special Education
Pine Bush C S D 440401060000 Joseph Simoni Director of Special Programs
Pine Plains C S D 131301040000 Maryann Stoorvogel Director of Special Education
Pine Valley  C S D (South Dayton) 060601040000 Scott Burdick Director of Special Education
Pittsford C S D 261401060000 Elizabeth Woods Director of Special Education
Plainedge U F S D 280518030000 Philip Molnar Director of Special Education
Plainview-Old Bethpage C S D 280504060000 Lucy  Pedone Sr. Account Clerk
Plattsburgh City S D 091200010000 Claudine  Selzer Director/CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Pleasantville U F S D 660809030000 Carolyn McGuffog Director of Educational Services
Pocantico Hills C S D 660802040000 Valencia Douglas Superintendent
Poland C S D 211103040000 Shari Winslow Principal
Port Byron C S D 051101040000 Neil O'Brien Superintendent
Port Chester-Rye U F S D 661904030000 Adrienne Mecca Director of Special Education
Port Jefferson U F S D 580206020000 Carmen J. Iannotti Interim Director of Special Education
Port Jervis City S D 441800050000 Ruth Zuclich Director of Special Education
Port Washington U F S D 280404030000 Mehri Fryzel Executive Director of PPS
Portville C S D 042901040000 Tanya Burke CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Potsdam C S D 512902060000 Jennifer Neaton CSE Chairperson
Poughkeepsie City S D 131500010000 Steve Rappleyea Ex. Director of Special Education
Prattsburg C S D 572301040000 Joan Georgia CSE Chairperson
Pulaski C S D 461801040000 Brian Hartwell Superintendent
Putnam C S D 641401040000 Matt Boucher Superintendent
Putnam Valley C S D 480503040000 Natalie Doherty Director of Special Education and S
Queensbury U F S D 630902030000 Sherrie Moses Director of Student Support Service
Quogue U F S D 580903020000 Sarah Adams CSE Chairperson
Ramapo C S D (Suffern) 500401060000 Lisa Castaldo Green Director of PPS
Randolph C S D 043001040000 Mary Rockey Director of Pupil Services
Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk C S D 010402060000 Ann Jackson Director of Special Education
Red Creek C S D 651503040000 Julia Herbst Director of Special Education
Red Hook C S D 131701060000 Joseph DeCaro Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Remsen C S D 411701040000 Fay Harper CSE Chairperson
Remsenburg-Speonk U F S D 580901020000 Colleen Ferone CPSE/CSE & School Psychologist
Rensselaer City S D 491200010000 Sally Shields Superintendent of School
Rhinebeck C S D 131801040000 Tom Burnell Assist. Superintendent for Support
Richfield Springs C S D 472001040000 Robert Barraco Superintendent
Ripley C S D 062401040000 Lauren Ormsby Director of Special Education
Riverhead C S D 580602040000 Elizabeth Chappell Director of Special Education/PPS
Rochester City S D 261600010000 Christopher Suriano Executive Director
Rockville Centre Public School 280221030000 Orly Gadon CSE Chairperson
Rocky Point U F S D 580209020000 Andrea Moscatiello Special Education Coordinator
Rome City S D 411800010000 Nancy Kristl Director of Support Services
Romulus C S D 560603040000 Mary Jo Shrey Director of PPS
Rondout Valley C S D 620901060000 Louann Miszko Secretary
Roosevelt U F S D 280208030000 Dionne Wynn Director for Pupil Personnel Serv
Roscoe C S D 591301040000 Robin Francisco CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Roslyn U F S D 280403030000 Barbara Schwartz Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Rotterdam-Mohonasen C S D 530515060000 Karla Empie Director of Special Education
Roxbury C S D 121502040000 Mary Hinkley Chairperson
Royalton-Hartland C S D 401201060000 Douglas King Director for Special Programs
Rush-Henrietta C S D 261701060000 Kittie Pizzutelli Director of Special Education
Rye City S D 661800010000 Julia Chung Dir. of Pupil Personnel Svcs.
Rye Neck U F S D 661901030000 Diane Santangelo Administrator for Special Services
Sachem C S D 580205060000 Susan Tuttle Coordinator of Student Services
Sackets Harbor C S D 221001040000 Carol Barkley CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Sag Harbor U F S D 580305020000 Barbara Bekermus Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Sagaponack Comn S D 580910080000 Alan Van Cott Superintendent
Salamanca City S D 043200050000 Kristin Dudek Director of Special Education
Salem  C S D 641501040000 Richard Behrens Interim Director for Special Educa.
Salmon River C S D 161201040000 Allen Gravell Director of Special Education
Sandy Creek C S D 461901040000 Tami Plyter CSE/CPSE Secretary
Saranac C S D 091402060000 Shannon Zagres CPSE/CSE Chairperson
Saranac Lake C S D 161401060000 Nicholas Pepe Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Saratoga Springs City S D 521800010000 Darlene King Director of Pupil Services
Saugerties C S D 621601060000 Susan Gage Director of Special Education
Sauquoit Valley C S D 411603040000 Tracy Facchini CSE Chairperson
Sayville U F S D 580504030000 Peter Branscombe Director of Special Education Servi
Scarsdale U F S D 662001030000 Eric Rauschenbach Director of Special Education
Schalmont C S D 530501060000 Shari Lontrato Director of Pupil Personnel
Schenectady City S D 530600010000 Meghan Warren Compliance Officer, Special Ed
Schenevus  C S D 470901040000 Wendy  Willis CSE Chair
Schodack C S D 491501040000 Michael Bennett Asst. Sup. for Curr. Instr. & Pupil
Schoharie C S D 541201040000 Linda Nevulis Director of Curriculum & Pupil Serv
Schroon Lake C S D 151401040000 David Williams Director of Pupil Personnel
Schuylerville C S D 521701040000 Lynn Mastrianni Director of Special Education
Scio C S D 022401040000 Kelly Dunham Elementary Counselor
Scotia-Glenville C S D 530202060000 Kenneth Handin Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Seaford U F S D 280206030000 Jane Dawkins Director of Special Services
Seneca Falls C S D 560701060000 Mary Jo Shrey Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Sewanhaka Central H S District 280252070000 Regina Agrusa Asst. to Superintendent for PPS
Sharon Springs C S D 541401040000 Michelle Keaney CSE Secretary
Shelter Island U F S D 580701020000 Jennifer Rylott CSE Chairperson
Shenendehowa C S D 520302060000 Michelle Mylod Director of Special Education
Sherburne-Earlville C S D 082001040000 Ginger Rinaldo District Data Coordinator
Sherman C S D 062601040000 Bryna  Booth Instructional Support Specialist
Sherrill  City S D 412000050000 Patrick Goodman CSE Chairperson
Shoreham-Wading River C S D 580601040000 Charles Althoff Director of Special Education
Sidney C S D 121601060000 William Christensen Superintendent of Schools
Silver Creek C S D 061501040000 Lynne Gowan Director of Pupil Personnel
Skaneateles C S D 421601060000 Ken Slentz Superintendent of Schools
Smithtown C S D 580801060000 Allyn Leeds InterimAssistant Superintendent PPS
Sodus C S D 651201060000 Jessica Bailey Director of Student Services
Solvay U F S D 420702030000 Christine Galpin Director of Special Education
Somers C S D 662101060000 Annamarie Maggio Director of Special Services
South Colonie C S D 010601060000 Patrick  Gunner Director of Special Education
South Country C S D 580235060000 Donna Martuge Interim Director of Spe Edu
South Glens Falls  C S D 521401040000 Kathleen Kieffer Director of Special Education
South Huntington U F S D 580413030000 Jacqueline Harris Assistant Superintendent for Studen
South Jefferson C S D 220101040000 Scott Slater Director for Programs
South Kortright C S D 121702040000 Jill Lutz Chairperson
South Lewis C S D 231101040000 Catherine Littlefield Director of Special Education
South Orangetown C S D 500301060000 Michele Fenster Director of Special Education 
South Seneca C S D 560501040000 Susan Lynch Director of Special Programs
Southampton U F SD 580906030000 Denise Merchant Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Southern Cayuga C S D 050701040000 Lindsay Herrling CPSE/CSE Chairperson
Southold U F S D 581005020000 Christine Schultz Clerk for PPS Department
Southwestern  C S D (Jamestown) 060201060000 Molly Moore Director of Pupil Services
Spackenkill U F S D 131602020000 Lori Mulford Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Spencerport C S D 261001060000 Deserie Richmond Director of Special Education
Spencer-Van Etten C S D 600801040000 Christina Lampila Director of Instructional Support 
Springs U F S D 580304020000 Keri DeLalio Direcotr of Pupil Personnel Svcs.
Springville-Griffith Inst. C S D 141101060000 Rochelle Casselman Director of Special Education and P
St. Regis Falls  C.S.D. 161801040000 Debbie La Brake Admin. Asst. to Special Ed.
Stamford C.S.D. 121701040000 Kimberly Stahl Special Education Coordinator
Starpoint C.S.D. 401001060000 Brian Farrell Director of Special Programs
Stillwater C S D 522001040000 Ryan Collins Director of Pupil Personnel Svcs.
Stockbridge Valley C.S.D. 251501040000 Terry McInerney CSE Secretary
Sullivan West Central School District 591502040000 Joanne Lane Assistant Superintendent of Pupil P
Susquehanna Valley C.S.D. 030601060000 Maureen Kline Director of Special Services
Sweet Home C.S.D. 140207060000 John Cole Director of Special Education
Syosset C.S.D. 280502060000 Richard Miller Educational Consultant
Syracuse City S D 421800010000 Brian Pulvino Director of Special Education
Taconic Hills Central School District 100501040000 Pamela Keeler CSE Secretary
Thousand Islands C.S.D. 220701040000 Lisa Freitag CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Three Village Central C S D 580201060000 Dawn Mason Executive Director for PPS
Ticonderoga C.S.D. 151501060000 Tracy Price Chairperson of Special Services
Tioga C S D 600903040000 LuEllen  Hoyt CSE/CPSE Chairman
Tonawanda City S D 142500010000 Amy Edgerton Director of Pupil Personnel
Town Of Webb U F S D 211901020000 Barbara Fetterman Secretary for CSE Chairperson
Tri-Valley C S D 591201040000 Christine Snow Director of Pupil Personnel Svcs.
Troy City S D 491700010000 Donna Fitzgerald Director of PPS
Trumansburg C S D 611001040000 Sarah Vakkas Director of Instruction
Tuckahoe Comn S D 580913080000 Doreen Buckley Special Education Director
Tuckahoe U F S D 660302030000 Carl Albano Director of Special Education
Tully C.S.D. 421902040000 Cristy Bobbett Director of Special Education
Tupper Lake C.S.D. 160101060000 Kelly Wight Director of Special Programs
Tuxedo U F S D 441903020000 Arlene Willis CSE Secretary
UFSD of the Tarrytowns 660401030000 Scott Dorn Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Unadilla Valley CSD 081003040000 Lee Supensky Special Education Chairperson
Union Springs C.S.D. 051901040000 Sheila LaDouce Administrator of Special Education
Uniondale UFSD 280202030000 Shelby Streeter Director of Special Services
Union-Endicott C.S.D. 031501060000 Venessa DuBrava Director of Pupil Services
Utica City Schools 412300010000 Elizabeth Paul Administrator of Special Education
Valhalla UFSD 660805030000 John Salatte Director of Special Education
Valley C.S.D.Montgomery 441301060000 Barbara Butler Director of Special Education
Valley Stream C.H.S.D. 280251070000 Patrice Dobies Director of Special Education
Valley Stream Hemp# 30  School 280230020000 Nicole Schimpf Director of Special Ed
Valley Stream Hempstead # 13 280213020000 Lisa Sells-Asch Asst. Supt. For Special Services
Valley Stream-Hempstead 24 School 280224020000 Vanessa Myers Director of Special Education
Van Hornesville-Owen D. Young C S D 211701040000 Bethany Rickard Director of CSE
Vestal C.S.D. 031601060000 Anne Tristan Director of Special Education
Victor C.S.D. 431701060000 Melanie McGuire Director of Spec. Programs & Compli
Voorheesville Central School 011003060000 Karen Jones Director of Special Programs
Wainscott Comn S D 580302080000 Mary Johnsen Special Education Director 
Wallkill C S D 621801060000 Anthony White Director of Pupil Personnel
Walton C S D 121901040000 Amanda Hoover CSE Chairperson
Wantagh U F S D 280223030000 Louis Hirschfield Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Wappingers C S D 132101060000 Richard Zipp Director of Special Education
Warrensburg  C S D 631201040000 Kathleen Bernhard Director of P P S
Warsaw C S D 671501040000 Cathelene Lyon Director of Special Services
Warwick Valley C S D 442101060000 M. Chris Fox Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Washingtonville C S D 440102060000 Michael Cogliano Assistant Superintendent for PPS
Waterford-HalfMoon U F S D 522101030000 Jennifer Bull Director of Student Support Svcs.
Waterloo C S D 561006060000 Debbie Doverspike Database Clerk
Watertown City S D 222000010000 Shannon Whitney Coordinator of Special Education
Waterville C S D 411902040000 Ann Capeceiatro Director of Special Education
Watervliet City S D 011200010000 Janelle Yanni CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Watkins Glen C S D 550301060000 Nan Woodworth-Shaw Dir Of Curr, Instruc, & Student Srv
Waverly C S D 600101060000 Jeffrey DeAngelo Director of Special Programs
Wayland-Cohocton C.S.D. 573002040000 Katherine Wolcott CSE/CPSE Chair
Wayne C S D 650801060000 Michelle Scheik Director of Student Services
Webster C S D 261901060000 Shelly Cahoon Assistant Superintendent of PPS
Webutuck (Northeast) C.S.D. 131101040000 Kathleen  McEnroe CSE Chairperson
Weedsport C S D 050301040000 Ann DeFazio Director of Special Programs
Wells C S D 200901040000 Michelle Barrows CSE Chairperson
Wellsville C S D 022601060000 Mary VanEtten Director of Special Services
West Babylon U F S D 580102030000 Michael Mack Director of Student Services
West Canada Valley C S D 210302040000 Ed Dougherty Director of Special Programs
West Genesee C S D 420101060000 Susan Murray Assistant Director of Special Educa
West Hempstead U F S D 280227030000 Lois Jankeloff Director of Pupil Personnel Service
West Irondequoit C S D 260803060000 Susan Flood Director of Student Services
West Islip U F S D 580509030000 Jeanne Dowling Dir. Of Special Education and PPS
West Seneca C S D 142801060000 Kristin Collins Director of Special Education
West Valley  C S D 040204040000 Shawna K. Gugino CPSE/CSE/504 Chairperson
Westbury U F S D 280401030000 Jorge Santiago, Jr. Director of Special Education
Westfield C S D 062901040000 Amy Webb CSE
Westhampton Beach U F S D 580902020000 MaryAnn Ambrosini Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Westhill C S D 420701060000 Beth Kramer Director of Special Education
Westmoreland  C S D 412801040000 Mary Anne O'Connell Director, Student Services
Westport  C S D 151601040000 Adam Facteau K-12 Principal
Wheatland-Chili C S D 262001040000 Robert Persia Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Wheelerville U F S D 170301020000 Bonnie Panek CSE Chairperson
White Plains City S D 662200010000 Susan LeCointe Director Special Programs and Servi
Whitehall C S D 641701060000 Gregg Chappell CPSE/CSE Chairperson
Whitesboro C S D 412902060000 Brian Bellair Director of Special Programs and Se
Whitesville C S D 022101040000 Tammy Emery Principal/CSE Director
Whitney Point C S D 031401060000 Dan Sweeney Director of Special Services
William Floyd U F S D 580232030000 Malasia Walker Director of Special Education
Williamson C S D 651402040000 Wanda Miller Director of Pupil Personnel Service
Williamsville C S D 140203060000 Anna Cieri Ass Superintendent for Exceptional Education
Willsboro C S D 151701040000 Mark Robinson CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Wilson C S D 401501060000 Michael  Cancilla, Jr. Director of Special Education
Windham-Ashland-Jewett C S D 191401040000 Janna Buell CSE Chairperson
Windsor C S D 031701060000 Jason Hans Director of Special Programs
Worcester C S D 472506040000 Kevin J. Stevens Secondary Principal
Wyandanch U F S D 580109020000 Janice Patterson Interim Director of Spec. Education
Wynantskill  U F S D 490804020000 Jean-Marie Steffek Coordinator of Special Education
Wyoming C S D 671002040000 Amy Camp CSE/CPSE Chairperson
Yonkers City S D 662300010000 Luis Rodriguez Asst Superintendent of Sp Edu
York C S D 241701040000 Svetlana Stowell Director, Pupil Personnel Services
Yorkshire-Pioneer C S D 043501060000 Michael Lucow CSE Chairperson
Yorktown C S D 662402060000 Lisa O'Shea Director Pupil Services
Last Updated: April 20, 2016 10:57 AM