Special Education

Current Membership

These individuals are representatives of the groups listed:

Individuals with Disabilities

  • Brett Eisenberg*
  • Jennifer Pankowski
  • Brian Pulvino
  • Elizabeth Wheling

Parents of Children with Disabilities

  • Naomi Brickel
  • Olga Nelly Collazo
  • Kathy Ralabate Doody
  • Michele Gode
  • Barbara Martorana
  • Lori Podvesker
  • Yvonne Sinisgalli
  • Kristie Stromecki
  • Mara Vanderzell
  • Danielle Williams
  • Mary-Margaret Zehr

Note: More than 50 percent of CAP's membership are individuals with disabilities and/or parents of children with disabilities. 


  • Suryiati Barnes
  • Kimberly Black

State/Local Education Officials

  • Lynnette Aqueron
  • MaryJo Ginese
  • Michele Gode*
  • Brian Pulvino*
  • Danielle Williams*

Administrators of Programs for Children with Disabilities

  • Olga Nelly Collazo*
  • Harold Dean
  • Edward Escobar
  • Barbara Martorana*

State Agencies that are Involved in the Delivery of Related Services

  • Natasha Bermudez
  • Alexis Harrington

Provider of Transition Services and Business/
Vocational Representative

  • Brett Eisenberg

Institutions of Higher Education

  • Harold Dean*
  • Kathy Ralabate Doody*
  • Jennifer Pankowski*
  • Raquel Schmidt
  • Yvonne Sinisgalli *

Private and Charter Schools

  • Vacancy (Charter)
  • Eileen Murtha (Private)

Corrections Agencies (Juvenile and Adult)

  • Timothy Bromirski
  • Mindi Wapner

State/Local Education Official Representing Homeless

  • Kristin Dudek

State Child Welfare Agency Responsible for Foster Care

  • Timothy Bromirski

Ad Hoc Members

  • Chris Kus
  • Alesia Simco

* Denotes a secondary constituency

If you would like to express your concerns to the Panel, email Special Education. For more information, please call 518-473-2878.

Last Updated: December 14, 2021