Special Education

Questions and Answers Related to Special Education Forms


The State forms (meeting notices, IEPs and prior written notice) are posted on the NYSED website in Word 2003 format.  How do we follow the instructions for use of each form when using Word 2007?

Word 2007 allows a document developed in Word 2003 to be opened. However, there may be difficulty following the instructions for use of that document (i.e., copy and paste to letterhead) when using Word 2007 as the choices under 'View' and 'Toolbars' are different. The following instructions allow use of the State model forms in Word 2007:

  1. In Word 2007, open the form from the on-line source. It should open as a protected file.
  2. Select the 'Review' tab and 'Protect Document' and 'Restrict Formatting and Editing'.  A vertical bar will appear at the right of the screen.  It will say, 'This document is protected from unintentional editing'.
  3. At the bottom of that bar, choose 'Stop Protection'.
  4. Select all to highlight the entire document then copy and paste it onto district letterhead.
  5. Return to the 'Review' tab, 'Protect Document', 'Restrict Formatting and Editing'. Three sets of choices appear in the right hand vertical bar:
    • Limit formatting to a selection of styles (optional);
    • Editing restrictions, check the box next to 'allow only this type of editing in the document' and scroll through the choice in the box to locate and choose 'filling in forms';
    • Start enforcement – click – a prompt will appear to select a password, or leave it blank and click “ok” to proceed. Clicking 'cancel' will not associate a password.
  6. The State form will now be on district letterhead with only the boxes on the form available for entering text. 
  7. Choose 'Save As' and 'Word Template' to maintain this document in 2007 form for use.

Questions on any of the forms/notices should be directed to SPECED@nysed.gov.


Last Updated: September 27, 2022