Special Education

Topical Index - Parts 200 and 201 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education

Parts 200 and 201 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education Relating to the Education of Students with Disabilities As Updated March 2010


Please note: The following is an index to assist in finding regulatory information on a specific topic contained in Parts 200 and 201 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. Each topic listed is followed by a link to the pertinent section of the Part 200 or a link to Part 201. Printing this list to use as a reference will be helpful to locate the exact paragraph/ subparagraph indicated for each topic once you are connected to the pertinent section.



Abuse, prevention of, students in residential placement /200.15
Academic achievement, functional performance and learning characteristics/200.1(ww)(3)(i)(a)
Accounting requirements for approved programs/200.9(d)Adaptive behavior/200.1(a)
Adapted physical education/ 200.1(b); 200.4(d)(2)(viii)(d) Administrator-Supervisor/200.6(b)(5)
Administrative Costs – Preschool/200.17
Admission to public schools of students residing in institutions/200.11
Age range/200.6(h)(5); 200.16(i)(3)(iii)(a)
Aging out /200.4(i)
Aidable operating expenses – State-operated, State-supported/200.10
Aides – 1:1/200.1(hh)
Alternate Assessment/200.4(d)(2)(vii)
Alternative format materials/200.2(b)(10); 200.2(i)
Alternative means of participation in meetings/200.4(d)(4)(d); 200.5(d)(1)(iii); 200.5(d)(7); 200.5(j)(2)(ii)
Amended due process notice/200.5(i)(7)
Amendments to the IEP/200.4(g)
Annual goals – measurable/200.4(d)(2)(iii)
Annual review/200.1(c); 200.16(g); 200.4(f)
Appeal to a State Review Officer (SRO)/200.5(k)
Approval of services/200.2(d)
Approval of orders of the Family Court/200.8(a)
Approved private schools/200.1(d); 200.7(j)
Approved programs/200.9
Assessment and evaluation material/200.4(b)(6)
Assessment – participation in/200.4(d)(2)(vii)
Assistive technology/200.1(e)&(f); 200.4(d)(3)(v)
Autism, educational programs for students with/200.13
Aversive intervention/200.1(lll); 200.7(b)(8)
Aversive intervention – child-specific exception to use/200.22(e)
Aversive intervention – program standards/200.22(f)

Behavior – effect on learning/200.4(d)(3)(i)
Behavioral intervention plan/200.1(mmm); 200.22(b)   201.2(a); 201.3
Behavioral interventions – program standards/200.22
Blind, deaf, & severely physically disturbed students - appointment to State-operated and State-supported schools/ 200.7(d)
Boards of Cooperative Educational Services – responsibilities/200.2(i)
Board of education policy/200.2(b)
Board of education responsibilities/200.2
Business day/200.1(n)(2)
Business plan/200.20(a)(11)

Calendars of operation – preschool/200.20(a)(7)
Census and register of students with disabilities/200.2(a)(1) Chairperson (CPSE)/200.3(a)(2)(iv)
Chairperson (CSE)/200.3(a)(1)(v)
Chairperson (Sub-CSE)/200.3 (c)
Change in placement/200.1(h)
Change in placement – IHO authority/201.8
Change in placement – involving weapons, Illegal drugs or controlled substances/201.7(e)
Change in program/200.1(g)
Child-specific exception – re: use of aversives/200.22(e)
Class size/200.1(i); 200.6(h)(4)
Class size – preschool/200.16(i)(3)(iii)(b)
Close-down period procedures – private programs/200.9(g)Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE)/200.1(j); 200.3
Committee on Special Education (CSE)/200.1(k); 200.3; 201.2(b)
Communication needs – consideration of/200.4(d)(3)(iv)Complaint procedures/200.5(l)
Confidentiality of personally identifiable data/200.5(e)Consent/200.1(l); 200.5(b)
Consent – preschool/200.16(h)(3)(iii)
Consideration of special factors/200.4(d)(3)
Consultant teacher services/200.1(m); 200.4 (e)(5);200.6(d)
Continuum of services/200.6; 200.16(i)
Continuum of services – co-teaching/200.6(g)   
Controlled substance/201.2(c)   
Coordination w/superintendent’s hearing and other due process procedures applicable to all students/201.9  
CSE responsibilities for expedited evaluations/201.6  
CSE responsibilities for functional behavioral assessments & behavioral intervention plans/201.3  

Data collection/200.2(a)(3)
Data reporting/200.2(a)(4)
Data requirements/200.2(a)(2)
Day (calendar)/201.2(d)
Day treatment programs certified by Office of Mental Health/200.14
Days of session – preschool program/200.20(a)(6)
Deaf infant/200.7(d)(7)(i)(a)
Deafness/200.1(zz)(2); 200.4(d)(3)(iv)
Declassification/200.4(c)(3); 200.4(d)(1)(iii)
Declassification support services/200.4(b)(5)(ii)(c)   Declassification – written policy/200.2(b)(8)
Deficiencies in IEP or Placement (manifestation)/201.4(e)
Definitions related to special education (as used in these Regulations)/200.1; 201.2
Determination (manifestation)/201.4(d)
Direct consultant teacher services/200.1(m)(1); 200.6(d)(2)
Disability classifications/200.1(zz)
Disciplinary change in placement/201.2(e)
Discipline – related to students with disabilities/201
Discipline – students presumed to have a disability for discipline purposes/201.5
District plans/200.2 (c)
Drugs – prescription/200.4(e)(9)
Due process complaint notice – sufficiency/200.5(i)(3); 200.5(i)(6)  
Due process complaint notification requirements/200.5(i)
Due process procedures/200.5 

Educational programs for preschool students with disabilities/200.16
Educational programs for students with autism/200.13
Eligibility – ages 5-7/200.6(m)(3) 
Eligibility – preschool/200.16(a)
Eligibility determinations/200.4(c); 200.4(j)(5)
Eligibility of students w/disabilities – day treatment/200.14(b)
Emergency interventions/200.22(d) 
Emotional disturbance/200.1(zz)(4)
Evaluation – preschool/200.16(c)
Evaluation provider list – preschool/200.16(h)(2)(i) 
Evaluation report/200.4(c)(1)
Evaluation report – preschool/200.16(e)(6)
Exception for pattern of suspensions or removals/201.7(d)
Exit summary/200.4(c)(4) 
Expedited due process hearing/201.2(f); 201.11 
Expedited evaluation/201.2(g); 201.6        
Extended school year (ESY) – 12 month services/200.1(eee); 200.4(d)(2)(x); 200.6(k) 
Extended school year – preschool/200.16(e)(4) 
Extracurricular participation/200.2(b)(1)

Financial reporting requirements for approved programs/200.9(e)
Fiscal audits/200.18
Fiscal year/200.1(o) 
Five school day suspension or removal/201.7(b) 
Full-day preschool program/200.1(p) 
Full-day session/200.1(q)
Functional behavioral assessment/200.1(r); 200.22(a);201.2(h); 201.3      

General curriculum/200.1(t)
General procedures for suspensions/removals of students with disabilities/201.7
General requirement for manifestation review/201.4(a)
Graduation – written notice/200.4(i)
Group instruction/200.1(ww)(3)(ii)  
Group size – related service, resource room/200.6(e)(3); 200.6(f)(3) 
Grouping for instruction – day treatment/200.14(f)
Guardian ad litem/200.1(s); 200.5(j)(3)(ix) 

Half-day preschool program/200.1(u)
Half-day session/200.1(v) 
Hearing impairment/200.1(zz)(5)  
Highly qualified personnel/200.2(i)(2) 
Home and hospital instruction/200.1(w); 200.6(i)
Home instruction – related to consent/200.5(b)(1)(i)(c)
Homeless youth/200.1(hhh)

Illegal drug/201.2(i)
Impartial due process hearings/200.5(j)
Impartial hearing officer/200.1(x); 201.2(j) 
Impartial hearing officer rates/200.21(a)
Impartial hearing officer – suspension/revocation of certification/200.21(b)
Independent educational evaluations/200.1(z); 200.5(g);200.5(j)(3)(viii)
Independent evaluation – preschool/200.16(d)(3)
Indirect consultant teacher services/200.1(m)(2)  
Individual evaluation/200.1(aa); 200.4(b); 200.16(c) 
Individual evaluation – day treatment programs/200.14(c)
Individuals to carry out review (manifestation)/201.4(b)
Individualized education program (IEP)/200.1(y); 200.4(d)(2)
IEP components/200.4(d)(2)
IEP implementation/200.4(e)
IEP – preschool/200.16(e)(3) 
Individual psychological evaluation/200.1(bb)
Instructional materials/200.2(b)(10); 200.2(i) 
Integrated co-teaching services/200.6(g)
Intellectual disability/200.1(zz)(7) 
Interim Alternative Education Setting (IAES)/200.6(n);201.2(k); 201.8  
Interpreter – parent participation/200.5(d)(5);200.5(j)(3)(vi)
Interpreting services/200.1(nnn)

Language impairment/200.1(zz)(11)
Learning disabilities – additional procedures for identifying/200.4(j) 
Learning disability/200.1(zz)(6) 
Least restrictive environment (LRE)/200.1(cc); 200.4(d)(2)(viii);200.4(d)(4)(ii)
Levels of service/200.6 (m)
Limited English proficient student/200.1(iii); 200.4(d)(3)(ii)

Maintenance of lists/200.2(e)
Management needs/200.1(ww)(3)(i)(d)    
Manifestation determination/201.4 
Medical services/200.1(ee)
Meeting location – preschool/200.16(e)(4)
Meeting notice/200.5(c)

Native language/200.1(ff); 200.4(b)(6)(i)(a);200.5(a)(4); 200.5(d)(5); 200.5(j)(3)(vi); 200.16(c)(2)
Notice of closing, transfer of ownership, voluntary termination – private schools/200.7(e)
Notice of meetings/200.5(c)

Occupational therapy/200.1(gg)
Operation and administration of private schools, State-operated and State-supported schools/200.7(b)
Operational & administrative provisions-private schools/200.7(c)
Orthopedic impairment/200.1(zz)(9)   
Other health impairment/200.1(zz)(10)

Parent counseling & training/200.1(kk); 200.4(d)(2)(v)(b)(5)200.6(h)(8); 200.13(d) 
Parent participation in CSE meetings/200.5(d)
Parental notice of disciplinary removal/201.7(a) 
Participating agency/200.1(jj)
Pendency (Pending placement)/200.4(e)(4); 200.5(m);200.16(f)(6); 200.16(h)(3)(i)
Personnel qualifications – residential schools/200.15(c)
Personnel screening procedures – residential schools/200.15(b)
Physical development/200.1(ww)(3)(i)(c)
Physical therapy/200.1(ll)
Prehearing conference/200.5(j)(3)(xi)   
Preschool – coordination of SEIT and related services/200.16(f)(2)
Preschool – county contracts/200.16(f)(3)   
Preschool – municipality (county) lists/200.16(f)(2) 
Preschool – provision of services/200.16(f) 
Preschool program/200.1(nn); 200.16 
Preschool program – approval, operation, and administration of/200.20
Preschool program – reimbursement to/200.19
Preschool student with a disability/200.1(mm); 200.16  
Present levels of performance/200.1(ww)(3)(i)
Prevention of abuse – residential placements/200.15
Prior written notice/200.1(oo); 200.5(a) 
Private Schools – approval/200.7(a)
Private schools, in-state or out-of-state/200.6(i)
Private/state-operated or -supported schools – program standards/200.7 
Procedural due process – preschool/200.16(h)
Procedural safeguards notice/200.5(f)
Procedures for protection of students – residential schools/200.15(e)
Procedures for referral, evaluation, IEP development, placement, review/200.4
Procedures for removals other than suspensions/201.9(b)
Professional development plan/200.2(h)
Progress reports/200.4(d)(2)(iii)(c)
Provision of services during suspensions/201.10
Psychological evaluation/200.1(bb)

Range of achievement in special class /200.6(h)(7)
Recommendation (IEP)/200.4(d)
Recommendation (IEP) – day treatment/200.14(d)
Recommendation (IEP) – preschool/200.16(e)
Recommendation placement – residential school/200.4(d)(4)(b)  
Records – review of/200.5(d)(6)
Records – transmittal of/200.4(e)(8)(iii)
Referral – preschool students/200.16(b)
Regional need – private schools/200.7(a)(2)(i)(a) 
Regular education teacher/200.1(pp); 200.4(j)(2)
Reimbursement – public school district administrative costs and due process costs for programs and services/200.17
Reimbursement rates for approved programs/200.9(f)
Reimbursement to approved preschool programs/200.19
Reimbursement to certain state-operated and state-supported schools for blind, deaf and severely disabled/200.10
Related services/200.1(qq); 200.6(e)  
Related services – preschool/200.16(i)(3)(i) 
Removal – definition of/201.2(l)
Requests to the CSE from Family Court, probation, etc./ 200.4(h)
Resolution meeting/200.5(j)(2)
Resource room program/200.1(rr); 200.6(f) 
Responsibility of BOE contracting with another BOE/200.2(f)
Restraint procedures – emergency intervention/200.22(d)

School day/200.1(n)(1)
School health services/200.1(ss)(1)  
School nurse services/200.1(ss)(2)
Self-contained classes/200.6(h)(4) 
Serious bodily injury/201.2(m)
Short-term instructional objectives/200.4(d)(2)(iv) 
Similarity of need – placement of student with a disability/200.6(a)(3)
Social development/200.1(ww)(3)(i)(b)
Social history/200.1(tt)
Space requirements plans/200.2(g)
Special class/200.1(uu); 200.6(h)  
Special class – preschool/200.16(i)(3)(iii) 
Special education/200.1(ww)
Special education itinerant services (SEIS)/200.16(i)(3)(ii)
Special education itinerant services – reimbursement rates/200.9(f)(2)(ix) 
Special education programs and services/200.4(d)(2)(v)
Special education provider/200.1(xx)  
Special education teacher/200.1(yy)   
Special factors (consideration of)/200.4(d)(3)
Specially-designed instruction/200.1(vv) 
Speech impairment/200.1(zz)(11) 
Speech therapy – minimum/200.6(e)(2)  
Staffing requirements/200.6(b)
State assistance for instruction of students with disabilities/200.8  
State assistance for transportation of students with disabilities/200.12
State complaint procedures/200.5(l) 
State-operated and -supported schools – standards for educational programs/200.7
State Review Officer (SRO)/200.5(k)
Student progress reports – day treatment/ 200.14(e) 
Student with a disability/200.1(zz); 201.2(o) 
Student’s status during proceedings – see also pendency/200.5(m)
Students presumed to have a disability for discipline purposes/201.2(n); 201.5 
Subcommittee on special education/200.3(c); 200.4(e)(2)(ii)
Submission of claims – State assistance/ 200.8(c) 
Substantial regression/200.1(aaa) 
Summary report – CPSE evaluation/200.16(c)(2)
Superintendent’s hearing/201.2(q); 201.9    
Supplementary aids and services/200.1(bbb) 
Supplementary school personnel/200.1(hh);200.4(e)(3)(ii)
Surrogate parent/200.1(ccc); 200.5(n) 
Suspension/201.2(r); 201.7; 201.9(a)&(c)     
Suspensions – provisions of services during/201.10

Teacher Aide/Assistant (see supplementary school personnel)/200.1(hh); 200.4(e)(3)(ii)  
Ten school day suspension or removal/201.7(c)
Testing accommodations/200.4(d)(2)(vi) 
Timeline – IEP implementation/200.4(e)
Timelines – related to preschool/200.16(c)(2); 200.16(f)(1) 
Time out rooms – use of/200.22(c)   
Transfer – within State and out of State/200.4(e)(8); 200.16(f)(5)
Transfer of ownership – private schools/200.7(e)
Transition services/200.1(fff); 200.4(d)(2)(ix) ; 200.4(e)(6)
Transitional support services/200.1(ddd); 200.6(c)
Transportation – expenses, rates/200.9(f)(4)
Transportation – preschool/200.16(e)(5)
Transportation – state assistance/200.12 Traumatic brain injury/200.1(zz)(12) 
Travel training/200.1(ggg)
Tuition approved programs – definitions/200.9(a)
Tuition rates/200.9 
Twelve-month special service and/or program/200.1(eee); 200.6(k)

Universal design/200.1(jjj)
Use of time-out rooms/200.22(c)

Videoconference – committee meeting/200.5(d)(7)
Visual impairment/200.1(zz)(13); 200.4(d)(3)(iii) 
Vocational assessment/200.4(b)(6)(viii) 

Waiver – preschool program/200.16(i)(3)(vi)
Waiver – school-age program/200.6(l)   
Ward of the State/200.1(kkk); 200.5(b)(6)   
Weapon – definition of/201.2(s)   
Withdrawing a referral/200.4(a)(7)
Written notice – upon graduation or aging out/200.4(i)
Written policy/200.2(b)

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