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Who can attend NYSSD?

How do I apply?

The Evaluation Process

The Approval Process

Who can attend NYSSD?

  • The New York State Education Department requires that an applicant have a hearing loss of at least 80dB in the better ear. However, students have been accepted to our school if they are considered to be "functionally deaf."
  • The student must reside in New York State.
  • For more information regarding admission to our school please contact Kara Shore, Interim Superintendent, at 315-337-8400 ext. 5809 or kara.shore@nysed.gov

How do I apply?

  1. The student's parent/guardian or, with parental consent, the CSE/CPSE of the student's district of residence requests an evaluation for placement.
  2. The parent/guardian submits a PHC-10 application to the State Education Department (SED) with accompanying documentation.

       PHC-10 application Microsoft Word Image Icon (52KB) or PDF PHC-10 application  PDF document (78KB)  

      Spanish Version PHC-10  Word Microsoft Word Image Icon (47 KB) or Spanish Version PHC-10 PDF PDF document (62 KB)

The application can also be obtained from:
Kara Shore
Interim Superintendent
401 Turin St.
Rome, N.Y. 13440
315-337-8400 ext. 5809

SED determines if the student meets the eligibility criteria.

  1. If it is determined that the student does meet the criteria, SED sends a letter to the parent/guardian with a copy to NYSSD and to the home school district stating that a referral for evaluation for placement is being made.
  2. If it is determined that the student does not meet the eligibility criteria, SED sends a letter to the parent/guardian with a copy to the home school district CSE/CPSE detailing the reason(s) that the application cannot be processed.

Student Evaluation

  1. The Regional Associate sends a letter to the parent approving an evaluation at NYSSD.
  2. NYSSD Intake Coordinator calls the parent to schedule an intake evaluation within one week of receipt of the PHC-10 and the letter of approval from the Regional Associate.
  3. A request for consent for NYSSD to conduct evaluations, a request for release of information and an explanation of due process procedures are sent to the parent, with a copy to the school district of residence.
  4. NYSSD requests education records from the school district of residence.
  5. Request for Consent to Release Information, perform specific evaluations, etc., sent to the parents and the school district of residence.
  6. Educational Evaluator conducts on-site visit to child’s current education placement.
  7. Parents and child participate in a full day intake evaluation at NYSSD. Limited housing is available to the family.
  8. A Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) meeting is scheduled and held to discuss the results of the evaluation and to determine the appropriate, least restrictive environment for the child’s education.

Approval Process

  1. Summary of the evaluations and recommendations from the MDT are forwarded to the NYSSD superintendent for consideration. If the superintendent agrees with the MDT recommendation, a letter, along with the evaluations and recommendations, is forwarded to the parent, the school district, and Regional Associate. 
  2. The Regional Associate reviews the evaluations and the recommendations and approves/disapproves the appointment to NYSSD.  If the Regional Associate agrees that NYSSD can provide an appropriate program and is the least restrictive environment for the child, a letter approving the appointment of the child to NYSSD is sent to the parent and the school district. 
  3. If the MDT or the superintendent does not recommend appointment of the child at NYSSD, or the Regional Associate disagrees with the recommendation for appointment,  the parent may appeal through procedural due process.
Last Updated: February 25, 2022