Special Education


Please note: All publications and guidance documents developed prior to 2005 and currently available on the P-12: Office of Special Education web pages have not been revised to reflect the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 2004 changes. Therefore, when referencing one of these publications, readers are advised to cross reference with current federal and State regulations related to special education.

Publications Available On-Line

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Publications Not Available Electronically

The following is a list of publications that are not available on the internet or electronically. You may request hard copies of these publications: Email Special Education or fax: 518-473-5387.

  • Special Education Space Requirements Plan: Annual Progress Report - March 2001
  • Actual September 2000 - June 2001 Operation Dates of Services for School-Age Programs in Approved In-State and Out-of-State Private Schools and Special Act School Districts for Students with Disabilities - June 2000
  • Special Education Space Requirements Plan: Progress Report - March 2000
  • Special Education Professional Development Networks - August 1999
  • Change in Application process for Approved Private School Reimbursements - June 1999
  • Special Education Quality Assurance Process for 1998-99 - August 1998
  • Special Education Quality Assurance Plan for 1998-99- August 1998
  • Corrections to Attachment 1 of July 1998 Memorandum "Special Education Space Requirements Plan "  - August 1998
  • Special Education Space Requirements Plan - July 1998
  • BOCES Cross Contracts for Students with Disabilities - April 1998
  • Braille Instruction for Students Who are Blind or Visually Impaired - April 1998
  • Questions and Answers on the Provision of Nursing Tasks and Health-Related Activities in the School Setting for Students with Special Care Needs - March 1998
  • VESID's Policy Regarding the Role of Personnel Development in Achieving Results for Students with Disabilities - July 1997
  • Guidelines for Services for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Preschool Students with Disabilities Ages 3-5 - March 1997
  • Guidelines for Preschool Program Advertising - 3/97
  • 1996 Legislative Changes Affecting Special Education (re:SEIT Services) - January 1997
  • The Role of the Board of Education in Implementing a Student's Individualized Education Program and Special Education Timelines - November 1996
  • High School Course Credit for Students with Disabilities and Clarification of Certification Requirements for Teachers Providing Education to Students with Disabilities in Academic Content/Subject Area - October 1996
  • The Provision of Extended School Year Programs for Students with Disabilities in Integrated Settings - August 1996
  • Bilingual Education Pupil Personnel Certification - March 1996
  • United States Department of Education Policy Regarding Obligations of States and School Districts to Disabled Students and their Parents in Interstate Transfer Situations - January 1996
  • Provision of Nursing Tasks and Health Related Activities in Approved Preschool Special Education Settings for Children with Disabilities, Ages Three and Four - January 1996
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