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Attachment 5 - Comparison of National Employability Skills Credentials

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Specific Information SkillsUSA Workforce Ready Employability Assessment National Work Readiness Credential (NWRC) National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) - WorkKeys (ACT) Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems (CASAS) - Workforce Skills Certificate System (WSCS)
Skills Assessed (including but not limited to)

Focuses primarily on industry- specific abilities and personal qualities.

Includes assessment of general employability skills.

General employability skills including nine communication, interpersonal, problem-solving and learning skills. General employability skills such as reading for information, applied mathematics, listening for understanding, applied technology and soft skills. Includes 4 performance levels (bronze, silver, gold and platinum). CASAS measures basic academic skills, critical thinking and problem solving. Includes continuum of skill levels, including skill descriptors for individuals with intellectual disabilities. WSCS, a supplemental credential to CASAS, assesses general employability skills.
Career Specific Yes No No No
Curriculum/Instructional Materials Yes. Blueprint of competencies for each career area. Yes. Three book series designed to model authentic, work-related experiences and activities. Yes. Interactive learning tool for career readiness skills. No single curriculum. Provides an extensive data base of instructional training materials including low level literacy curriculum modules and lesson plans in alternative formats.
Test Administration Testing occurs online and can be administered at school. Testing is internet based and delivered securely in wide range of authorized sites. Individuals can be certified as administrators and schools can become certified test sites. Testing is available online and in paper and pencil formats. Schools can administer assessments.
Fee for Test/Materials Yes Yes Yes Yes
Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reading/Math Levels Reading - 8th grade
Math - 6th through 8th grades (depending on career assessment).

Reading – 7th - 8th grade

Math - 7th - 8th grade

Varies by performance level.
Reading – 8th grade through high school (HS)
Math - 5th grade through HS
Varies by performance level. Includes preliteracy and adult low level literacy skills. Reading and math level is comparable to GED® test for CASAS certification.
States/districts using Credential Approximately 44 states. Some districts in NYS use these assessments through the Career and Technical Education program approval process. Credential was developed in partnership with five states (Florida, New Jersey, NY, Rhode Island, and Washington), the District of Columbia and JA Worldwide. NYS Department of Labor endorses credential. Five states have funded WorkKeys and 12 have funded the EXPLORE program for middle school students. Used by Center for Workforce Education and Development at Syracuse University and some BOCES adult education programs.
CASAS is affiliated with National External Diploma Program (NEDP) which provides unique ways for adults to earn HS diploma based on life experiences. Eleven states, including NY use NEDP. NEDP is used by 18 BOCES adult education programs. California is primary user of WSCS.
For additional information http://www.workforcereadysystem.org http://www.workreadiness.com http://www.act.org/certificate https://www.casas.org

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