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Attachment 1 - One-to-One Aide Planning Considerations and Recommendations

Attachment 1

Sample Form

One-to-One Aide Planning Considerations and Recommendations

What are the needs of the student which necessitate the assignment of a 1:1 aide?  
What skills and goals must the student achieve to reduce or eliminate the need for a 1:1 aide?  
What are the potential benefits of the assignment of a 1:1 aide?  
What is the potential negative impact of assignment of a 1:1 aide?  
What role will 1:1 aide fulfill (e.g., instructional; behavior support; personal hygiene assistance)?  
For what specific activities (e.g., toileting) and/or times of day (e.g., transition to and from the bus) is the aide needed?  (See Attachment 3)  
What qualifications of the individual (i.e., teaching assistant or teacher aide) is necessary to meet the needs of the student?   
What is the plan to monitor the student’s progress toward the goals to be addressed by the assignment of the one-to-one aide and the student’s continuing need for the one-to-one aide?  
What is the plan for progressively reducing the support provided to the student and his or her dependence on an aide over time?  
If student’s one-to-one aide is absent, who will cover in order to ensure the student receives the recommended IEP services of the one-to-one aide or how will substitute staff support be arranged?  
Who/how will one-to-one aide have access to a copy of the student’s IEP, and be informed of his or her responsibilities for IEP implementation for the student?  
What, if any professional development and supervision will aide need to carry out these responsibilities?  
Last Updated: January 4, 2012