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This plan pertains to a student with a disability who attends the schools of the district and who has a need for his or her instructional materials in an alternative format as identified on the student's Section 504 accommodation plan or individualized education program (IEP).

Identification of the Needs of Students Residing in the District or Attending the BOCES

  • How, by when and by whom specific information from students’ IEPs and section 504 accommodation plans who need materials in alternative formats will be compiled and conveyed (e.g., type of format needed, specifications of the format such as font size for large print, courses the student will be enrolled in, State and district-wide assessments the student is expected to participate in).

Access to and Conversion of Electronic Files

  • How students will access electronic files for screen and/or text readers and alternative display technologies;
  • What hardware (e.g., computers, printers, scanners, closed circuit televisions, alternative keyboards, Braille notetakers, tape recorders) and software (e.g., screen readers, speaking browsers, screen magnification devices, scan and read, Braille translation) will ensure students can access electronic files; and
  • How electronic files will be converted to Braille, large-print, audio or alternative displays.

Ordering Timelines

  • Dates by which State assessments in alternative formats (orders for Braille and large type print) are requested from the State Education Department (SED) (January or June);
  • Dates by which permission is requested to SED for reproduction or reformatting of State assessment test booklets;
  • Dates by which Braille and large-print conversions are requested (e.g., to vendors or teachers of visually impaired or New York State Resource Center for Visually Impaired (at least 3 months in advance)) must be submitted;
  • Timeline to purchase textbooks and other instructional materials from vendors; and
  • Timelines for the production of supplemental classroom materials in alternative formats (e.g., handouts, worksheets, etc.).

Selection and Procurement of Instructional Materials

  • The process to be used to select new instructional materials;
  • The process to determine availability of such materials in alternative formats from vendors; and
  • The process to be used to give vendor preference in the ordering of materials.

Procedures for New Entrant Students During the School Year

  • How the procedure to request a student’s instructional materials in needed alternative formats will be initiated without delay when a student with a disability moves into the district (or enters the program of the BOCES) during the school year; and
  • Designated individual(s) to identify and convey information on the alternative format needed by the student to the appropriate individuals responsible for ordering or converting materials.

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Last Updated: October 28, 2009