Special Education

Key Staff in Special Education

Christopher Suriano, Assistant Commissioner

Joanne LaCrosse, Director of Special Education Services

Special Education Policy

Eileen Borden, Chief of Special Education Services-Policy and Due Process Unit        Suzanne Bolling, Supervisor-Preschool, Incident Management Unit and Nondistrict Unit
Alison Conners, Supervisor, Policy Unit
Tracy Davidson, Supervisor, Due Process Unit
Barbara Kozlowski, Supervisor, Preschool Policy Unit                                                         Tina Minehan, Supervisor, Program Development and Support Services (PDSS)      

Special Education Quality Assurance (SEQA)

Kathleen Milliman, Chief of Special Education Services-SEQA and PDSS                      Belinda Johnson, Chief of Special Education Services-SEQA NYC
Nayana Bhattacharjee, Supervisor, New York City Regional Office
Kathleen Cummings, Supervisor, New York City Regional Office                                     Dodie Davidson, Supervisor, Hudson Valley Regional Office
Laura Piascik, Supervisor, New York City Regional Office
Sean Dwyer, Supervisor, Eastern Regional Office
Karen Volpi, Supervisor, Central Regional Office
Eileen Taylor, Supervisor, Long Island Regional Office                                                   Marie Proudman, Supervisor, Western Regional Office
Alan Mueller, Supervisor, Incident Management Unit


Last Updated: June 16, 2022