Special Education

Part B - SPP/APR Attachment 1 (Form)

Report of Dispute Resolution Under Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Complaints, Mediations, Resolution Sessions and Due Process Hearings
New York State Data Revised for SPP Submission 1/07


SECTION A: Signed, written complaints
(1)Signed, written complaints total 362
(1.1)Complaints with reports issued 252
(a)Reports with findings 239
(b) Reports within timeline 234
(c)Reports within extended timelines 5
(1.2)Complaints withdrawn or dismissed 99
(1.3)Complaints pending 11
(a)Complaints pending a due process hearing 9

SECTION B: Mediation requests
(2)Mediation requests total 511
(2.1) Mediations 379
(a)Mediations related to due process Not Available**
(i)Mediation agreements Not Available**
(b)Mediations not related to due process Not Available**
(i) Mediation agreements 362
(2.2)Mediations not held (including pending) 132

SECTION C: Hearing requests
(3) Hearing requests total 5422
(3.1) Resolution sessions Not available*
(a) Settlement agreements Not available*
(3.2) Hearings (fully adjudicated) 1294
(a) Decisions within timeline 481
(b)Decisions within extended timeline 599
(3.3) Resolved without a hearing 3900

SECTION D: Expedited hearing requests (related to disciplinary decision)
(4) Expedited hearing requests total 29
(4.1) Resolution sessions Not available*
(a)Settlement agreements Not available*
(4.2) Expedited hearings (fully adjudicated) 10
(a) Change of placement ordered Not available*

* 2004-05 data was not collected in the manner requested in the SPP/APR Attachment 1. 2005-06 Data will reflect all the requested categories.

Last Updated: February 28, 2011