Overview of the Annual Performance Report Development:

See Overview of the Development of the Annual Performance Report on page 1. 

Monitoring Priority: Effective General Supervision Part B / General Supervision

Indicator #18:  Percent of hearing requests that went to resolution sessions that were resolved through resolution session settlement agreements.

(20 U.S.C. 1416(a)(3(B))


Percent = (3.1(a) divided by 3.1) times 100.




Measurable and Rigorous Target



This is a new indicator.  Targets for 2006 -10 are established in the SPP.


Actual Data for 2005:  This is a new indicator. 

The following will be reported in the 2008 APR:

Discussion of Improvement Activities Completed and Explanation of Progress or Slippage that Occurred:

Revisions, with Justification, to Proposed Targets

Revisions, with Justification to Improvement Activities/ Timelines /Resources