Special Education

Indicator 10: Disproportionality in Classification by Race/Ethnicity

Percent of districts with disproportionate representation of racial and ethnic groups in specific disability categories that is the result of inappropriate identification.

General Information

State Performance Plan (SPP)/ Annual Performance Report (APR)

New York State IDEA Part B State Performance Plan 2005-2012 - Revised February 2013 - PDF PDF document (946 KB)

Monitoring Protocol

School District Self-Review Monitoring Protocol - Disproportionate Representation of Students with Disabilities by Classification and Placement - School districts that have been identified under federal Indicator #10 of the State Performance Plan by the State Education Department (SED) as having significant disproportionate representation of students with disabilities by classification and/or placement are required to complete this self-review monitoring protocol. 

School District Self-Review Monitoring Protocol

Disproportionate Identification of Racial and Ethnic Groups for Special Education and Related Services PDF PDF Document   Word  Word Document  April 2022

Monitoring Protocols for Previous Years


Last Updated: April 21, 2022