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Traumatic Brain Injury: A Guidebook for Educators (1995)

Many children each year receive an injury to the head, have serious illnesses or are treated for serious medical conditions, which cause a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Moderate to severe injuries, and in some cases mild injuries, can lead to immediate and long term impairments in physical, social, emotional, cognitive and behavioral development. Schools are central to assisting students with TBI in overcoming the challenges they face.

As more children survive serious childhood accidents and illnesses, it is vital for schools to have the knowledge and skills to identify and address their educational needs. In 1995, the State Education Department published a guidebook for educators help school staff to better understand the specialized needs of students with TBI and appropriately apply educational interventions to improve special and general education services for these students. The guidebook provides information on the following topics:

  • The causes, incidence, and characteristics of TBI.
  • Factors unique to TBI as a disability category.
  • Special considerations in the assessment of students with TBI.
  • The school's role as the student with TBI reenters school.
  • Strategies for school personnel to assist students with TBI in learning skills, managing behavior and dealing with social and emotional difficulties.
  • Resources for further information or technical assistance.
  • Information regarding other State agency resources.
  • Information regarding school-based prevention efforts.

Traumatic Brain Injury: A Guidebook for Educators (1995) PDF Document (7.14MB)

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