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Transition from School to Post School for Students with Disabilities

The resources and materials within this section are designed to assist schools, students and families with the transition from school to post-school.  A successful transition process is based on the student’s strengths, preferences and interests, and requires collaboration between the school district, student, family and community agencies.  Transition planning and services are designed to prepare a student with a disability to achieve his or her post-secondary goals related to living, learning and earning within the community.

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  • Requirements and Guidelines - information about what is required of school districts and agencies in providing transition planning and services, including pertinent regulations, student exit summary and transition quality indicators.
  • Implementation Tools - information to help with putting an effective transition process into place in your school or community, including, Career and Technical Skills Achievement Profile, effective practices and level 1 career assessment.
  • Data and Reports - reports and links to data that help to describe the transition planning and services process, including the State Performance Plan and Longitudinal Post School Indicators Project .
  • Student, Family and School Resources - information or internet links to information that students, families and schools may find particularly helpful in deciding how to plan for transitions.
  • Who Can Help - describes people in your community who may have information you need.
Last Updated: September 1, 2021