Student Support Services

Commissioner's Regulations CR 136.1

Section 136.1 Definitions.

Definitions as used in this Part:

  1. School personnel means persons employed by school authorities in conducting the schools.
  2. Health professionals means persons duly licensed or otherwise authorized to practice a health profession pursuant to applicable law, including, but not limited to, physicians, registered professional nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, optometrists, dentists, dental hygienists, dietitians and nutritionists, and audiologists.
  3. School nurse means a registered professional nurse.
  4. Director of school health service means a qualified physician, or a nurse practitioner to the extent authorized by article 139 of the Education Law and consistent with the written practice agreement pursuant to Education Law, section 6902(3), who is duly licensed pursuant to applicable law, and who is employed by the school district to perform any duties conferred on the school physician or school medical inspector under any provision of law, to perform and coordinate the provision of health services in the public schools, and to provide health appraisals of students attending the public schools in the city or district.
  5. School health services shall mean the several procedures, including, but not limited to, medical examinations, dental inspection and/or screening, scoliosis screening, vision screening and audiometer tests, designed to determine the health status of the student; to inform parents or other persons in parental relation to the student, pupils and teachers of the individual student's health condition subject to Federal and State confidentiality laws; to guide parents, students and teachers in procedures for preventing and correcting defects and diseases; to instruct the school personnel in procedures to take in case of accident or illness; to survey and make necessary recommendations concerning the health and safety aspects of school facilities and the provision of health information.
  6. Treatment means correction of physical defects or other health problems in need of attention wherein the student, for the most part, is a passive recipient.
  7. Commencement of the school year shall mean the first day of the school year in which students are in attendance.
  8. Thirty days or 90 days shall mean, respectively, 30 calendar days or 90 calendar days.
Last Updated: March 27, 2009