Student Support Services

Commissioner's Regulations CR 136.2

Section 136.2 General regulations.

  1. All schools under the jurisdiction of the State Education Department shall provide a program of health services.
  2. School health services shall be provided by each school district for all students attending the public schools in this State, except in the city school districts of the cities of New York, Buffalo and Rochester, in accordance with law and the regulations. School health services shall include the services of a registered professional nurse, if one is employed, and shall also include such services as may be rendered as provided herein in examining students for the existence of disease or disability and in testing the eyes and ears of such students.
  3. The trustees or board of education of each school district shall employ, at a compensation to be agreed upon by the parties, a director of school health services.
  4. It shall be the duty of trustees and boards of education:
    1. to provide approved and adequate personnel and facilities;
    2. to maintain for each student cumulative records covering the essential features of the health services program; and
    3. to make such reports to the department as may be required on forms prescribed by the commissioner.
Last Updated: March 27, 2009