Student Support Services

Approved Science-Based SDFSCA Programs

  • PLEASE NOTE: The following list provides you with the latest information on programs that meet the requirements for funding through the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act program. These programs meet the requirement of being supported by science-based research and will be approved.
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Science Based Programs

15+ Make Time to Listen, Take Time to Talk

Aban Aya Youth Project

Across Ages

Acute Group Treatment for Adolescent Depression

Adolescent Alcohol Prevention Trial

Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach

Adolescent Coping with Depression

Adolescent Diversion Project

Adolescent Portable Therapy

Adolescent Sibling Pregnancy Prevention Program

Adolescent Transitions Program

Advocacy Intervention to Reduce Smoking Among Teenagers

Aggression Replacement Training

Aggressors, Victims, & Bystanders: Thinking & Acting

Albuquerque Victim-Offender Mediation Program

Alcohol Misuse Prevention

All Stars

Al's Pals: Kids Making Healthy Choices

American Indian Life Skills

Americans All

Anger Coping Program

Asian Youth Alliance

Athletes Targeting Healthy Exercise & Nutrition Alternatives

Athletes Training & Learning to Avoid Steroids

Baby Safe (Substance Abuse Free Environment) Hawaii

Baltimore Choice Program

Be a Star

Be Proud! Be Responsible

Behavioral Monitoring & Reinforcement

Bethesda Treatment Center

Bethlehem Police Family Group Conferencing Project

Bicultural Competence Skills Approach

Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America

Bilingual/Bicultural Counseling & Support Services

Border Binge-Drinking Reduction Program

Boys & Girls Club Gang: Prevention Through Targeted Outreach

Boys & Girls Club: Project Learn



Brief Alcohol Screening & Intervention for College Students

Brief Strategic Family Therapy

Broader Urban Involvement & Leadership Development Program (BUILD)

Bry's Behavioral Monitoring & Reinforcement Program

Build Respect, Stop Bullying

Building Blocks for a Healthy Future

Building Decision Skills

Bullying Prevention Program

California Smokers Helpline

Canberra Reintegrative Shaming Experiments

CARE (Care,Assess,Respond,Empower)

Career Academy

Caring School Community Program

Carolina Abecedarian Project


CAST (Coping & Support Training)

Celebrating Families

Challenging College Alcohol Abuse

Child Development Project


Child-Parent Centers

Children in the Middle

Children of Divorce Intervention Program

Children's Aid Society-Carrera Project

Class Action

Classroom Centered & Family School Partnership Intervention

Clayton County Restitution Program

Club Hero

Cognitive Behavioral Coping Skills Therapy for Adolescent Substance Abuse

Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in School

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adolescent Depression

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Child & Adolescent Traumatic Stress

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Child Sexual Abuse

Cognitive Relaxation Coping Skills

Colorado Youth Leadership Project

Comer School Development Program

Commit to Quit

Communities in Schools

Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol

Communities That Care

Community of Caring

Community Policing Strategies

Community Trials Intervention to Reduce High Risk Drinking

Comprehensive Gang Strategy

Comprehensive Health for the Middle Grades

Conflict Resolution Curriculum

Connect with Kids

Consistency Management & Cooperative Discipline


Coordination of Services

Coping Cat

Coping Power

Coping with Work & Family Stress

Creating a Peaceful School Learning Environment

Creating Lasting Family Connections

CSF Buxmont Academy

Dando Fuerza a La Familia

Dare to be You

Delaware Juvenile Drug Court Diversion Program

Detention Diversion Advocacy Project

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program

Discover: Skills for Life

Dona Ana County Teen Court

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D. A. R. E.)

Drugs & Alcohol Curriculum Module

Earlscourt Social Skills Program

Early Head Start

Early Risers Skills for Success

East Texas Experiential Learning Center

Effective Black Parenting

Efficacy Curriculum

Emergency Room Intervention for Adolescent Females

Enough Snuff

Esteem Builders

Extended-Service Schools Initiative

Facing History & Ourselves

Faith-Based Prevention

Families & Schools Together

Families in Action

Families That Care:  Guiding Good Choices

Family Behavior Therapy

Family Development Research Project

Family Effectiveness Training

Family Health Promotion

Family Matters

Family Preservation Services Program

FAN (Family Advocacy Network) Club

Fast Track

First Step to Success

Focus on Families

Foundations of Democracy

Fresno County Repeat Offender Prevention Program

Friendly PEERsuasion

Functional Family Therapy (Ex Washington)

Functional Family Therapy (In Washington)

Gang Resistance Education & Training (GREAT)

Gang Resistance is Paramount

Get Real About AIDS

Get Real About Tobacco

Get Real About Violence

Girl Power

Girls & Boy's Town

Girl's Circle

Good Behavior Game

Great Body Shop

Growing Healthy

Growing Up Well

Head On

Heads Up

Health Skills for Life

Healthy Families America

Healthy Workplace

Heartwood: Ethics Curriculum for Children

Helping the Non-Compliant Child

Here's Looking @You 2000

High/Scope Perry Preschool Program

Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youngsters

Home-Based Behavioral Systems Family Therapy


Houston Parent-Child Development Program

Humboldt County Repeat Offender Prevention Program

I Can Problem Solve

I'm Special

Impact of Drinking Age Law

Improving Social Awareness

Incredible Years

Independence Youth Court

Indianapolis Restorative Justice Project

Infant Health & Development Program

Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Depressed Adolescents

Jefferson County Juvenile Gun Court

Job Corps

Jobs for America's Graduates

Just Communities

Juvenile Boot Camps

Kansas City Gun Experiment

Keep a Clear Mind

Keepin' it Real

Kent County Teen Court

Kentucky Adolescent Tobacco Prevention Project

Kids Intervention with Kids in School

Know Your Body

Lake County Restitution Program

LA's Best

Leadership & Resiliency Program

Learn & Serve America

Learning About Alcohol & Other Drugs

Learning for Life

Legal Blood Alcohol Level

Lessons in Character

Let Each One Teach One

Life Skills Program (Basic Living Skills)

LifeSkills Training

LifeSkills Training Booster Program

Linking the Interests of Families & Teachers

Lions-Quest Skills for Adolescence

Lions-Quest Working Toward Peace

Lucas County Intensive Supervision Unit

Maine Juvenile Drug Treatment Court

Mass Media Smoking Prevention

Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program

Mediation in the Schools

Me-Me Drug & Alcohol Prevention Program

Metropolitan Area Child Study

Michigan Model for Health

Michigan State Diversion Project

Midwestern Prevention Project

Mind Over Matter

Minimal Intervention Approach to Problem Gambling

Minneapolis Center for Victim-Offender Mediation

Minnesota Smoking Prevention Program

Montreal Longitudinal Experimental Study

Moral Dilemma Discussion

Moral Reconation Therapy

Movimiento Ascendencia

Multidimensional Family Therapy

Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care

Multi-Model Substance Abuse Prevention

Multi-Systemic Therapy for Juvenile Offenders

National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship

Native American Prevention Project Against AIDS/Substance Abuse

New Beginnings Program

No Putdowns

North Karelia

Not In My House

Not On Tobacco

Nurse-Family Partnership

Nurturing Parenting Programs

Nurturing Program for Families in Substance Abuse Treatment & Recovery

Oakland Beat Health Program

Oakland Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program

Olweus Bullying Prevention

Open Circle Curriculum

Operation Ceasefire

Operation Save Kids

Orange County Juvenile Substance Abuse Treatment Court

OSLC Treatment Foster Care

Our Whole Lives

Overcoming Obstacles

PACE Center for Girls

Parent-Child Assistance Program

Parent-Child Home Program

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

Parenting Through Change

Parenting Wisely

Parenting with Love & Limits

Parents Anonymous

Parents Under Construction

Partnership for Health

Passport Program

Pathways to Change

Pathways to Health



Peaceful Conflict Resolution & Violence Prevention Curriculum

Peaceful Schools Project



Peer Assistance & Leadership

Peer Coping Skills Training

Peers Making Peace

Pennsylvania School-Based Probation Program

Perinatal Care Program

Perth Amboy Community Partnership for Youth

Phoenix Academy

Plan a Safe Strategy Program

Police Athletic League

Positive Action

Positive Action Through Holistic Education (PATHE)

Positive Adolescent Choices Training

Positive Youth Development Program

Postponing Sexual Involvement Program

Preventing School Vandalism

Prevention Dimensions Program

Prevention Intervention

Preventive Treatment Program

Preventive Alcohol Education Program

Primary Project

Prime Time: Comprehensive Drug Education Program

Proactive Classroom Management

Productive Conflict Resolution Program

Program Development & Evaluation

Programs for Teen Parents

Project 12 Ways


Project Adventure

Project ALERT

Project Alert Plus

Project Back-on-Track

Project BASIS

Project Breakaway

Project CARE

Project Charlie

Project Confirm

Project CRAFT (Community Restitution & Apprenticeship Focused Training)

Project Essential

Project EX

Project Link

Project Northland

Project OZ

Project PACE

Project RAISE

Project SEEK

Project STAR/Midwestern Prevention Program


Project Taking Charge

Project Towards No Drug Abuse

Project Towards No Tobacco Use

Project TRUST

Project Venture

Prolonged Exposure Therapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorders

Promoting Academic Retention for Indian Tribal Youth

Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS)

Protecting You/Protecting Me

Quantum Opportunity Program

Raising A Thinking Child: I Can Problem Solve for Families

Raising Healthy Children

Reach for Health

Reach Out Now Teach In

Reach out to Schools

Reaffirming Young Sister's Excellence

Reconnecting Youth

Reducing the Risk

Repeat Offender Prevention Program

Residential Student Assistance Program

Resolving Conflict Creatively Program

Responding in Peaceful & Positive Ways

Responsive Classroom

Right Decisions, Right Now: Be Tobacco Free

Roots of Empathy

ROPE Challenge Course

Rural Educational Achievement Project (REAP)

Safe Child Program

Safe Dates

SAFEChildren: Schools & Families Educating Children

SAFE-T (Sexual Abuse, Family Education & Treatment)

San Diego County Repeat Offender Prevention Program

Sarasota County Teen Court

Saving Lives

Say it Straight

SCARE Program

Scared Straight

School Crime Prevention thru Environmental Design

School Safety Program

School Transitional Environmental Program (STEP)

School Violence Prevention Demonstration Program

Schools: Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Seattle Social Development Program

Second Step

Self Center (School-Linked Reproductive Health Services)

Sembrando Salud

Signs of Suicide


SMART (Students Managing Anger & Resolution Together) Team

SMART Leaders

Smoking Cessation Mass Media Intervention

SNAP/Under 12 Outreach Program

Social Competence Promotion Program for Young Adolescents

Social Decision Making & Problem Solving

Social Relations Program

Social-moral Reasoning Development Program

Spectrum Wilderness Program

Spit Tobacco Intervention

Start Taking Alcohol Risks Seriously (STARS)

Starting Early Starting Smart

State-wide Indian Drug Prevention Program

Staying Connected with Your  Teen

Steps to Respect

Stop Underage Drinking

Stopping Teenage Addition to Tobacco

Storytelling for Empowerment

Strengthening Bonds of Chicano Youth & Families

Strengthening Families Program

Strengthening Families Program for Parents & Youth 10-14

Strengthening Hawaii Families

Strengthening Multi-Ethnic Families & Communities: A Violence Prevention Program

Strong African-American Families Program

Structural Family Therapy

Structured Playground Activities

Students Helping Others Understand Tobacco

Success in Stages:Build Respect, Stop Bullying

Success Thru Accepting Responsibility

Sunshine Project

Support for At-Risk Children

Syracuse Family Development Research Program

Systems of Care/Wraparound Programs

Teaching Students to be Peacemakers

Team Awareness

Teams-Games-Tournaments Alcohol Prevention

Teen Intervene

Teen Outreach Program

Teen Talk

Teenage Health Teaching Modules


Think First

Think Time Strategy

Thinking, Feeling, Behaving

Tinkham Alternative High School

Tobacco Policy & Prevention

Too Good for Drugs

Too Good for Violence

Too Smart to Start

Towards No Drug Abuse

Towards No Tobacco Use

Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Tri-Agency Resource Gang Enforcement Team

Tribes TLC

Urban Improv

Urban Women Against Substance Abuse

Victims Offender Mediation

Violence Prevention Curriculum for Adolescents

Vision Quest

Washington (DC) Community Violence Prevention Program

Washington, D.C. Restitution Program

Who Do You Tell

Wisdom for Life


Woodrock Youth Development Program

Wraparound Milwaukee

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