Student Support Services

VADIR Software Programs and Applications

As a result of site visits and a review of applications by a VADIR workgroup, the following list of software programs and data systems are currently used most frequently by schools in capturing and reporting VADIR data. The publishing of this list is for information purposes only.

Each system has benefits and limitations, and this listing is not intended, nor should be interpreted to be an endorsement of any of these products or systems.

  • VADIRS- Violent and Disruptive Incident Reporting
  • SASI- Student Administrative Student Information
  • SWIS- School Wide Information System
  • MMS
  • StarBase
  • Eschooldata
  • eSchool plus
  • Schooltool
  • Pentamation
  • Infinite campus
  • Chancery SMS
  • SIMS-Student Information Management System
  • Power School
  • District designed programs
Last Updated: December 29, 2010