2012–2014 Commissioner's Schools Dissemination Grants & Replication Grants for Low Performing Schools

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) is participating in the United States Department of Education’s (USED) Race To The Top initiative, which includes a component relating to Commissioner’s Schools. Highest performing or high progress schools awarded Dissemination Grants through this competitive grant application process will be designated by the Commissioner as “Commissioner’s Schools.” Schools chosen for this honor should exemplify autonomy, accountability and high performance. These schools will have practices that are evidence-based, proven to advance student achievement and can be replicated by low performing schools.

Five (5) schools will each be awarded up to a maximum of $150,000 each year for two years and up to $300,000 for the entire grant period.  Grants will begin October 1, 2012 and end August 31, 2014. The first program period, Year 1, will be from October 1, 2012 to August 31, 2013 and the second program period, Year 2, will be from September 1, 2013 to August 31, 2014.

Each Commissioner’s Dissemination Grant School will use grant funds to help up to four (4) low performing schools replicate their best practice(s). Up to twenty Replication Grant Schools will be identified based on a separate competitive grant application process.

To help the Replication Grant Schools replicate their best practices, Commissioner’s Dissemination Grant Schools will:

  1. disseminate the best practice(s) to the matched Replication Grant Schools. Commissioner’s Dissemination Grant Schools will package the best practice(s) to ensure successful replication. Dissemination activities may include, but are not limited to, workshops, webinars, e-mails and telephone conferences;
  2. mentor and provide professional development to the matched Replication Grant Schools. Commissioner’s Dissemination Grant Schools will develop strategies that will assist the Replication Grant Schools in adopting the best practice(s) and help them to sustain the practice(s) beyond the grant period. Methods for mentorship might include coaching and modeling. Methods for professional development might include peer demonstration and peer review processes. Professional Development is defined in this application as providing activities and/or presenting methods to the matched Replication Grant Schools to extend professional knowledge.
  3. evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented best practice(s) in the Replication Grant Schools. To evaluate the effectiveness, Commissioner’s Dissemination Grant Schools should consider how well the Replication Grant Schools adopted the best practice(s) and the impact on student achievement. Applicants will use qualitative and quantitative methods to measure student success.

2012-2014 Commissioner's Schools - Dissemination Grant

Marcus Whitman Gorham-Middlesex CSD

New Hyde Park – Garden City Park UFSD

Saratoga Springs CSD

2013-2014 Replication Grant for Low Performing Schools

The Replication Grant will enable the selected school districts to replicate the best practice(s) of the Commissioner’s Dissemination Grant Schools at a low performing school in their district. NYSED will facilitate the matching of up to four (4) Replication Grant Schools with each of the five (5) Commissioner’s Dissemination Grant Schools.  Replication Grant Schools are required to work with one (1) of the Commissioner’s Dissemination Grant Schools. They will commit to working toward full implementation of the best practice(s) for which they are being mentored by a Commissioner’s Dissemination Grant School.  Mentoring is defined in this application as providing direction and/or on site support to include instructional planning, coaching, modeling and overall coordination to ensure the successful implementation of the best practice(s).

RFP Number: TA-07

2013-2014 Replication Grant for Low Performing Schools

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