Best Practices

Best Practices: Upon completion of the implementation of either their Dissemination or Replication grants, districts were given an opportunity to highlight their best practices to serve as resources for others. These best practices resulted from the implementation of strategies and/or activities identified in the joint work plan between the Dissemination and the Replication schools.

Districts were asked to complete either the Dissemination Grant Final Report Word Document or the Replication Grant Final Report Word Document template “in their own words” to provide specific details of those best practices.

Districts completed their grants in December 2014, or chose to participate in the no-cost extension through June 30, 2015. Dates of activities will reflect those completion dates.

Should you have specific questions regarding the implementation of the best practices, please contact the district office.


Harpursville Central Schools: W.A. Olmsted Elementary School pdf (Replication)

Lansing CSD: Lansing MS pdf (Replication)

Olean CSD: Olean Intermediate MS pdf (Replication)

Saratoga Springs CSD (Dissemination):

Yonkers Public Schools: Lincoln High School pdf (Replication)

Last Updated: November 12, 2015