School Improvement Grants 1003(g)

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School Improvement Grants (SIG) under section 1003(g) of the ESEA are used to improve student achievement in Title I schools identified as Priority Schools.   These grants are targeted to support implementation of the fundamental changes needed to turn around some of New York's lowest-achieving schools.

The primary purpose of the School Improvement Grant is to provide Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) with an opportunity to support the implementation of a whole-school change model in its Priority Schools.   Grants are awarded to LEAs that demonstrate through their applications the strongest commitment and capacity to fully implement the four intervention models - turnaround, restart, school closure, and transformation - and raise student achievement in each Priority School.

SIG Online Toolkit - The purpose of this toolkit is to provide you with the necessary information to successfully administer your School Improvement Grant. Each section is hyperlinked to the appropriate forms, templates, or websites.

SIG Requests for Proposals:

SIG 6 - TA-16

SIG 5 - TA-14

SIG 4.2 - TA-13

SIG 4.1 - TA-11


Full Applications Received:


SIG 4.2

SIG 4.1

Last Updated: February 4, 2016