Prekindergarten through Grade 12 Education

RFP #12-018

Intensive Teacher Institute in Bilingual Special Education (ITI-BSE)

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) P-12 Office of Special Education is seeking proposals for the Intensive Teacher Institute in Bilingual Special Education (ITI-BSE). The purposes of the Intensive Teacher Institute in Bilingual Special Education are to manage a tuition assistance program for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing certification to provide services to bilingual students with disabilities in New York State (NYS); provide instructional support to colleges and universities that offer programs leading to BSE certification; engage in outreach to the public, school districts and approved private programs to identify qualified candidates; provide technical assistance to candidates in the areas of certification, coursework requirements, and ITI-BSE requirements; and report to NYSED on candidate progress, completion, and certification rates.

The eligible applicants are boards of cooperative educational services (BOCES), institutions of higher education (IHEs), not-for-profit and for profit organizations.

Subcontracting will be limited to thirty percent (30%) of the annual contract budget, excluding tuition assistance. Subcontracting is defined as non-employee direct personal services and related incidental expenses, including travel.

There are no M/WBE goals for this RFP. However, as part of NYSED's commitment to utilizing M/WBE firms, NYSED strongly encourages bidders to use New York State certified M/WBE firms to the greatest extent possible.

NYSED will award one (1) contract with a term of five (5) years, beginning on October 1, 2012 and ending on September 30, 2017.

Cost proposals for this RFP cannot exceed $900,000 in the first year, with a three percent maximum increase per year and a maximum total of $4,778,222 for the entire 5-year contract period. Bids that exceed these maximum amounts will be disqualified. Please be aware that the Evaluation Criteria assigns a significant portion of the proposal score to financial criteria (30 percent), so bidders are encouraged to submit budgets that are reasonable and cost-effective.

Service Area: New York State. The ITI-BSE will provide services throughout NYS. The distribution of services is dependent upon the needs of NYSED with respect to addressing personnel shortages.

Mandatory Requirements

See Mandatory Requirements section of the RFP.

Components contained in RFP #12-018 are as follows:

  1. Description of Services to be Performed
  2. Submission
  3. Evaluation Criteria and Method of Award
  4. Assurances
  5. Submission Documents


No questions were received for this RFP.

Contact Information for Questions

Program Matters

Fiscal Matters

Alexia Thompson

Gary Yorkshire

(518) 486-6090

(518) 408-1715



The following documents must be received at NYSED no later than July 9, 2012 by 3:00 PM:

  1. Technical Proposal—Six (6) copies (one bearing an original signature in blue ink)
  2. Cost Proposal—Three (3) copies (one bearing an original signature in blue ink)
  3. A copy of the technical and cost proposal must also be submitted in Microsoft Word on CD-ROM.

The mailing address for all the above documentation is:

NYS Education Department
Attention: Gary Yorkshire RFP#12-018
Contract Administration Unit 505W EB
Bureau of Fiscal Management
89 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12234

Facsimile copies of the proposals are NOT acceptable.

Submit each of the following documents in a separately sealed envelope:

  • Technical Proposal labeled Technical Proposal - RFP #12-018 Do Not Open
  • Cost Proposal labeled Cost Proposal – RFP #12-018 Do Not Open
  • A copy of the technical and cost proposal in Microsoft Word on CD-ROM labeled CD-ROM-RFP#12-018 Do Not Open


  • Full Text of RFP | PDF PDF icon (197 KB) | Word Word document icon (282 KB)
  • Submission Documents | PDF PDF icon (142 KB) | Word Word document icon (351 KB)
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