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Funding School Programs  

School Districts in New York State are authorized to levy a tax for expenses occasioned by the operation of the school’s educational program. A school district and/or its employees are not authorized to require or give the impression that it is requiring students to sell items (e.g. “scratch off” cards, holiday wrappings, etc.) or pay a fee to defray a portion of the expenses of a school district’s educational program. At no time should a student’s participation in an educational activity include such sales or fees.

It has been brought to the attention of State Education Department staff that school district employees are not only engaging in such activities, but are also depositing the proceeds in their personal accounts. These activities may jeopardize a students’ right to participate in the educational program on a tuition and/or fee-free basis. Further, employees engaged in such activities may be held personally liable.

School officials that find that such activities are occurring in their district are being asked to cease such practices immediately. To deter this from happening, it may be appropriate to establish policies and procedures that clearly prohibit such activities.

Last Updated: June 15, 2009